FreeAxez and McMorrow Reports Partner to Publish Insights on the Circular Economy

Gridd®, The Revolutionary Low-Profile Cable Management Solution, Sets the Standard for Sustainability

FreeAxez, the manufacturer of Gridd®, the global leader in raised access flooring systems used for flexible design and building cable management, and The McMorrow Reports, a trusted provider of facilities management and design insights, announce the release of The Circular Economy of Gridd, a comprehensive research paper authored by Lisa Whited. The collaboration details how Gridd's access floor system counters the negative impact of the waste, emissions, and energy use of the built environment industry.

In the current state of the linear economy, resources are removed from the earth, products are manufactured with those materials, and then deposited into landfills at the end of their durable life. In the circular economy, resources are used repeatedly, repurposed, and eventually recycled without the end-o-life stage in landfills. This practice paves the way for products to be built to be durable, repaired, refurbished, reused, and reassembled.

Earl Geertgens, Founder & President of FreeAxez shared the following related to the Circular Economy: "The Gridd system is designed to minimize the quantity of components and to ensure that none of them become obsolete -- an installation completed with components produced in 1999 can be interchanged with those manufactured today, with no additional modification or adjustment."

Further, Eileen McMorrow, Editor-in-Chief of The McMorrow Reports stated that "McMorrow is committed to inspiring and educating facilities professionals and to empowering the industry in this move towards the circular economy and greater sustainability."

With complete alignment of shared principles, FreeAxez and McMorrow came together to share the power of the Circular Economy which requires long-term commitment to the highest quality of sustainable design and materials. Learn more about Gridd's impact on the Circular Economy within the downloadable research paper located here.

Gridd is manufactured in the USA from regionally sourced materials and recycled content, and offers a lifetime guarantee and buy-back program. Visit FreeAxez corporate site to learn more about Gridd raised floor, Gridd Power, and Gridd Mobile at

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About FreeAxez

For more than 25 years, FreeAxez has led the industry in the development of the Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution® system. Combined with Gridd® Power and Gridd® Mobile, Gridd low-profile access floor systems accommodate changing technology and adapt to further changes quickly. FreeAxez is widely accepted as the premier developer, innovator, and manufacturer of the low-profile raised floor. Gridd's modular, 100-percent steel structure is entirely reusable, recyclable, and enables efficient space reconfiguration. Gridd provides flexibility throughout the life cycle of the building, substantially contributing to the circular economy.

Gridd eliminates the need to relocate cabling in power poles, in drop ceilings, or behind walls. This considerably reduces labor, materials, and energy for demolition and reconstruction while also reducing the corresponding waste, further improving the circular economy performance of the buildings where Gridd is installed.

FreeAxez' Gridd access flooring systems are designed to be used in virtually any space to efficiently distribute and reconfigure power, data, and voice cables. Gridd is made from high-strength steel with polyethylene underlayment and insulating sheets. Please visit and follow FreeAxez on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more.

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