Greg Orman Formally Launches Independent Bid for Kansas Governor With New Digital Ad

Orman will bypass party primaries and qualify directly for general election ballot in November

​Entrepreneur Greg Orman formally launched his Independent bid for Kansas governor today with the release of a digital ad that outlines his vision for the state.

In “Problem Solver,” Orman reaffirms his commitment to making Kansas a place where future generations are inspired to build their lives and everyone willing to work hard has a chance to succeed. Orman’s wife Sybil and oldest daughter Imogen are featured in the ad that outlines how an Independent governor can transform the political landscape in Kansas by putting people before party bosses and special interests.

We are reclaiming our legacy of leadership. We are going to make Kansas a place that we can all be proud of again.

Greg Orman, Independent Candidate for Kansas Governor

“We are reclaiming our legacy of leadership. We are going to make Kansas a place that we can all be proud of again,” Orman says in the ad. “And I know that if we work together and focus on solving our problems instead of the same old partisan bickering, we will be able to create a future that our children and our grandchildren will thank us for.”

The aspirational spot also notes that as a serial entrepreneur, Orman knows the value of good ideas, regardless of where they come from, and understands how to leverage the state’s strengths to attract new jobs and revenue to transform the Kansas economy.

“I’ve been in those boardrooms when we’ve made decisions on where to locate companies, where to put plants and factories. I understand what it’s going to take to be able to bring those companies to Kansas,” Orman says. “The people of Kansas are innovators. The people of Kansas are hard-working, they’re strivers. They are leaders.”

Orman announced an exploratory committee in early December and raised $452,931 in 26 days, taking in more receipts from in-state contributors than every Democratic candidate and more contributions from individual Kansas donors than all but two Republicans who’ve been fundraising for months.

You can watch the online ad here.

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Source: Orman for Kansas Inc.