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Green River Botanicals supports patient access to high concentration, lab-tested, full spectrum CBD hemp oil. Physicians, pharmacists, and providers of medical supplies encounter patients every day that report use of hemp products or express interest in learning more. Given the wide variance in quality, concentration, and transparency of contents—patients gravitate in many different directions without the guidance of their trusted health care professionals.

Physicians value the opportunity to provide direction to patients considering a hemp regimen. Green River Botanicals shares with physicians the emphasis on everyone knowing what they put into their bodies. Third party lab testing and a high degree of transparency regarding growing and extraction methods has built trust in Green River Botanicals. Out of respect to patients’ comfort and discretion, product is shipped directly to their homes.

Denise Barratt, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Vine Ripe Nutrition in Asheville, NC, believes that "It is a great benefit for the public to have a high concentration, full spectrum hemp oil available and know exactly how it is grown and what it contains. Consumers need to know that it is a safe and effective option to help them with their health conditions and wellness."

Green River Botanicals has partnered with the medical community to create mutual revenue opportunities. These types of medical professionals are well positioned to extend access to organically premium CBD hemp oil. This is an exciting new space for these providers as it does not fall under insurance guidelines and helps to offset reimbursement cuts from payers.

Patients are using hemp products for a wide variety of purposes and find a cost effective, trusted resource in Green River Botanicals. Health care providers are providing a valuable service to patients in reducing the number of unknowns encountered when selecting a hemp provider. Mutual revenue opportunities further strengthen the opportunity for Green River Botanicals to provide organically produced, lab-tested full spectrum hemp oil.

Andrew Amoth is Director of Sales and Marketing for Green River Botanicals, a farmer owned hemp company based outside of Asheville, NC. For more information contact Andrew at or 828-713-4211.

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