Green River Botanicals Give Back Through One Tree Planted

Green River Botanicals is a farmer-owned hemp company outside of Asheville, North Carolina, that provides high-concentration, lab-tested, full spectrum hemp products. Environmentally conscious initiatives are a fundamental part of Green River’s core values — for each product sold a tree is planted. Green River has committed to this restoration project to give back to the community and shoulder its share of the responsibility in preserving the environment.

Green River Botanicals is working with One Tree Planted to plant 500 trees to account for recent sales activity. Local and regional tree planting events are planned with numerous organizations. The community will be invited to join and help for the local tree planting events while enjoying complimentary hemp products.

“Giving back to the local community through restoration projects is a key component of Green River’s commitment to the environment,” shares Chase Allen, COO of Green River Botanicals.

Green River Botanicals emphasizes the importance of consumers knowing what they put into their bodies. Third-party lab testing and a high degree of transparency regarding growing and extraction methods have built trust in Green River Botanicals. Access to products with a high degree of purity is important to consumers and its partnered distributors. All product is labeled with a QR code that links to third-party lab results.

Green River Botanicals maintains focus on purity of product, transparency through third-party lab testing and responsibility to deploy environmentally conscious business practices. The contribution to One Tree Planted will be the first step in fulfilling Green River’s commitment to restoration projects. As Green River further expands its footprint, additional entities will be considered for restoration partnerships. Involving the community and giving back is very important to the owners as the team works together to give back.

Andrew Amoth is director of sales and marketing for Green River Botanicals, a farmer-owned hemp company based outside of Asheville, North Carolina. For more information, contact Andrew at or 828-713-4211.

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