Green River Botanicals Partners With CBD/Cannabis Certified Nurse

​Green River Botanicals has partnered with Wendy Clements, RN, of Cannabis Care Nursing to educate businesses, health care professionals and consumers on the use of hemp-related products. The CBD/hemp industry is extremely new and as a result, there are significant gaps in knowledge with each of these constituents. It is Green River Botanicals' goal to ensure businesses have access to support when launching a CBD/hemp line of business and health care professionals and consumers have access to education and support when beginning a CBD/hemp regimen.

Businesses selling hemp-related products face the most questions from consumers and are positioned to be a valuable resource. Buyers gravitate towards businesses they trust, are the most knowledgeable and the most helpful. Understanding how to properly guide customers in selecting quality, lab-tested hemp-related brands will build trust and loyalty when building their own customer base.

Health care professionals also encounter patients that express interest in CBD/hemp products. Physicians find themselves in a difficult position as there are countless brands, types of formulations and quality considerations. Wendy will be an asset in educating health care professionals on the endocannabinoid system, the importance of third-party laboratory testing, concentration and dosing.

Green River Botanicals will be coordinating educational events, speaker programs and digital content with the help and support of Wendy. Wendy shares Green River’s passion for educating businesses and consumers to provide a smooth on-boarding experience.

Wendy firmly believes that “My passion for wanting to educate others was fueled by the truth I have discovered both personally and professionally about CBD/hemp/cannabis. My goal is the help bridge the gap between the medical, cannabis and cannabis-naive communities.”

As a member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network, Wendy's beliefs and comprehensive education are aligned with the Scope and Standards of Practice developed for Cannabis Nurses. “The cannabis nurse is able to educate patients, their caregivers or support systems and other health care providers around the most effective and safe uses of cannabis for specific health, healing and illness concerns. The cannabis nurse upholds the highest ethical standards and advocates for patients and populations.” 

Wendy will be speaking on June 5, 2019, at Middle Path and Wellness Center in Canton, outside of Asheville, North Carolina. The program “All about Hemp: Get the scoop from a Registered Nurse” will be in the first in a series, starting in Western North Carolina.

Green River Botanicals is a farmer-owned, seed-to-sale hemp company based in Asheville, North Carolina. Andrew Amoth is director of sales and marketing and can be reached at

Wendy Clements, RN, is owner of Cannabis Care Nursing and can be reached at

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Green River Botanicals is a farmer owned, seed to sale hemp company based in Asheville, NC.