Greaux Events Focuses Goal Setting on Productivity in 2016

The Greaux Events team is resolved to make 2016 a year of impressive growth and productivity. According to the firm's Director of Operations, the team went through an intensive goal setting process to plan the coming year.

​The sales and marketing industry is full of teams that work tirelessly to achieve success for the brands they represent. Since its first days, Greaux Events has been on the cutting edge of this space. This isn’t enough for the growing firm’s team members, indicated the Director of Operations, and they have set ambitious New Year’s resolutions for the company.

“We have a group of branding specialists who want to continuously push the industry forward,” he said. “We sat down to set annual goals that we are calling our New Year’s resolutions. They cover everything from increasing our deal flow, to enhancing productivity, to building new leaders. We had a great year in 2015, but we want the coming 12 months to blow last year out of the water!”

"By researching productivity, we have found that the single most important element in getting more done is establishing good habits,"

Greaux Events’ Director of Operations Discusses How to Increase Productivity

Nearly every professional team seeks to make the future more productive than the past. This is significantly easier said than done. However, the Greaux Events Director of Operations thinks his team has found a winning formula to improve in 2016.

“By researching productivity, we have found that the single most important element in getting more done is establishing good habits,” he asserted. “A lot of human activity is done with very little thinking. For example, most of us are on auto-pilot getting ready in the morning. As such, it is incredibly important to make good habits.”

He indicated that getting up early without hitting the snooze button is a great way to be more energetic and focused throughout the day. Additionally, he stated that breaking the routine of multitasking is extremely important.

“I also strongly recommend that everyone become more aware of time,” he continued. “It is so easy to establish time sinks in the day, such as checking social media too often. Similarly, it is important to be aware of how much work you take on so you can avoid getting overloaded. It is better to say no than to say yes and fail to deliver.”

The Greaux Events team will also be developing leadership skills. According to the Director of Operations, this will largely take the form of mentorship for upcoming professionals.

“We want our top veterans to share their knowledge with people just joining us,” he explained. “We hope this will lead to more people joining the management team sooner. One of our goals in 2016 is focused on building a robust leadership development pipeline at our firm.”

About Greaux Events

Greaux Events specializes in unique event-based promotions that create long-term links between companies and customers. The firm’s talented and versatile brand ambassadors narrow their focus to each client’s most receptive audience through in-depth market analysis and demographic research. Greaux Events has built a reputation as an industry leader by emphasizing professional development and their team applies exceptional communication skills and unmatched execution strategies to craft initiatives that deliver consistent results for a wide range of clients. The firm’s success has led to expansion plans for the future as they will continue to provide superior service that drives incredible growth.