Greaux Events Emphasizes Goals, Career Development for 2016

The executives at Greaux Events have been focusing on setting aggressive goals for 2016. The director of operations highlighted the firm's emphasis on career development to spur corporate growth.

“At Greaux Events, we have had an outstanding year,” said the director of operations. “On behalf of the management team, I am proud of the progress we have made. Our team has gone above and beyond our expectations.”

The executive team at Greaux Events understands the company’s success starts with proper planning. Developing the strategy for 2016 has been no different. “We started with our vision and our core values,” said the director. “From there, we implemented high-level goals and objectives for the organization.” The process has given managers and associates the opportunity to identify areas for improvement while they set aggressive targets for the upcoming year.

"This is where our team-based culture benefits us the most,"

Once the roadmap was established, associates were able to run with the ball. “This is where our team-based culture benefits us the most,” said the director. “Everyone has been included in the planning process, so they understand how their milestones and projects fit into the larger picture. At Greaux Events, everyone owns a piece of the business. The entire group has a vested interest in the success of the company.”

Greaux Events Focuses on Career Development to Spur Growth

The management team at Greaux Events understands that investment in the team drives corporate growth. “Our people are the keys to our success,” said the director.

“Having a career-focused team puts us at the forefront of the industry,” said the director. “We are able to produce targeted campaigns that consistently exceed pre-defined goals.” As a result, the firm has seen a significant increase in new and repeat business over the past year.

“Our 2016 goals include additional resources and updated schedules for career development,” said the director. Plans include innovative training programs, attendance at industry conferences, and hiring new talent. “We constantly strive to maintain our leadership position in sales and marketing,” he added. “The continual influx of new technology keeps things new and interesting.”

The management team is looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2016. “We are at the top of our game here at Greaux Events,” he said. “We are able to set aggressive goals because we have a team that knows how to exceed expectations. Plus, we will continue to invest in our people. They know we value their contributions, so they are motivated to do what it takes to win.”

About Greaux Events

Greaux Events specializes in unique event-based promotions that create long-term links between companies and customers. The firm’s talented and versatile brand ambassadors narrow their focus to each client’s most receptive audience through in-depth market analysis and demographic research. Greaux Events has built a reputation as an industry leader by emphasizing professional development and their team applies exceptional communication skills and unmatched execution strategies to craft initiatives that deliver consistent results for a wide range of clients.The firm’s success has led to expansion plans for the future as they will continue to provide superior service that drives incredible growth.