Greatmats Sponsored 2019 Infinity National Championships Highlights Sport Karate and Kung Fu

Connor Chasteen wins three Grand Championships; National Karate dominates point sparring

Infinity Martial Arts Demonstration

The Fourth Annual Greatmats-sponsored Infinity National Championships hosted 360 competitors from around North America on May 10-11, 2019 at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. 

Although the event is part of the Wisconsin Sport Karate League, it brought many of the top martial artists from more than 15 states east of the Rockies -- from New York to Florida to Texas to Colorado, as well as Ontario, Canada. 

It had something to offer everyone, from traditionalists to modern martial arts enthusiasts, with the inclusion of Creative, Musical and Extreme (CMX) forms and traditional Japanese/Okinawan and Korean/American style forms -- both with and without weapons -- in addition to point sparring for all ranks and ages on nine Greatmats martial arts matted rings. 

As always, this year’s two-day festivities were capped by an evening finals performance that included a creative form demonstration by the world champion Infinity Martial Arts team. 

In men’s point sparring, Alonzo Payne of National Karate (IL) defeated Dominic Kraegel, also of National Karate, by a 3-1 score for the Grand Championship. The women’s point sparring grand championship was claimed by Alaina Wallock of Crystal National Karate (MN) with an 8-1 victory over Sacha Viviano of Wisconsin. Another National Karate (IL) member, Colin OBrien, won the Jr. Point Sparring final by a 5-2 score over Radford Dalton of United Family Martial Arts -- Hamilton East (Ontario, Canada). 

Connor Chasteen of Infinity Martial Arts was a multi-event Grand Champion, winning the 12-17-year-old male traditional forms title, as well as the CMX 12-17 Weapons Forms championship and the Team Forms title, as a member of Team Infinity -- along with Diego Rod-Flo of Miami Goju Ryu Kenseikan. 

The Infinity National Championships was also home to the Kung Fu Championships. 

Event organizer Jeff Orlowski said, “I appreciate all the hard work all the volunteers put in. I also appreciate all the talent that showed up to compete and gave it their all, and most of all, for all of them to be professional, polite and for being great role models for the younger kids.” 

Other Black Belt Grand Champions Included: 
Zoe Brown - Ontario, Canada - Traditional 12-17 Jr. Female 
Andrea Fernandez - Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association - Wisconsin - Kung Fu Adults 
Annika Mueller-Owens - Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association - Wisconsin - Kung Fu Jr. 
Noell Jellison - Infinity Martial Arts - Wisconsin - CMX Forms 18-34 Female 
Erin Steege - Infinity Sun Prairie - Wisconsin - CMX 12-17 Weapons Jr. Female 
Adriana Crone - Karate - Wisconsin - CMX 12-17 Forms Female 
Hunter Orlowski - Infinity Martial Arts - Wisconsin - CMX 12-17 Forms Male 
Sophia Rodriguez-Florez - Miami Goju Ryu Kenseikan - Florida - Traditional 12-17 Jr. Female 
Corey Holzman - Black Belt Leadership Academy - Wisconsin - Traditional 18-34 Forms Male



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