Great Neck Country Club Owner, David Mortimer, Gives Back in a Big Way to the L & M Smilow Cancer Center

David C. Mortimer of Waterford, Connecticut matches $32,032 to raise a total of $64,064 for the L & M Smilow Cancer Center

Great Neck Country Club - Club House

The Great Neck Country Club and its owner, David Mortimer, constantly give back to the southeastern CT community he was raised in. One of the annual recipients of these donations is the L & M Smilow Cancer Center.

Every year since 2015, the Mortimer family has matched all proceeds raised from the annual golf tournament to benefit the cancer center. Brian Langley of Langley’s Restaurant started the charity golf tournament which he calls “The Langley’s Classic.” When he asked Brian, “Why did you choose the L & M Smilow Cancer Center for the charity?”, Brian responded that “the L & M Smilow Cancer Center was an easy choice because, everyone is affected by the terrible illness one way or another. Unfortunately, we all know someone who has had cancer. For me personally, the center was instrumental in helping my mother during her battle of cancer.”

Not only does Mortimer donate the course for the event but he also financially supports the event. Every year since 2015, the Mortimer family matches the total amount generated by the golf tournament (generally between $10,000 and $13,000 per annum). Since the inception of the tournament, a total of $64,064 has been raised of which the Mortimer family generously gave $32,032.

The golf tournament is typically held on Columbus Day every year at Great Neck Country Club.

Many area businesses also support the event by donating goods and services for raffle prizes, buying sponsorships and more. If you are interested in playing in the next Langley’s Classic, donating or sponsoring the event, visit for more information.

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