David Mortimer Generously Donates Free Access to the Waterford & New London High School Golf Teams

David Mortimer & the Mortimer Family Generously Donate Their Facility at Great Neck Country Club to the Waterford & New London High School Golf Teams

Great Neck Country Club

​High school golf is a sport that prepares teenagers for careers in business, in other professional areas, and in life.  Participating in high school golf is a great way to learn integrity, control, and respect in a competitive environment. As high school golfers learn how to properly conduct themselves on the golf course, they are able to translate these lessons into other areas of their life. 

David Mortimer and the Mortimer Family recognize how much of a positive impact golf can make in someone's life, especially to a high school student.  This is one of the reasons why David Mortimer and the Mortimer Family have generously donated free access to Great Neck Country Club to the New London And Waterford High School golf teams for many years. The teams utilize the practice facility and have over 20 matches that are played on their home course at Great Neck Country Club.

When asking David about why they donate access to their course year after year, he said, "It's a no-brainer!  The golf course is a great place for these kids to be and they are the future of golf. They learn so much on the golf course that they can take with them throughout life. We love having them here at Great Neck Country Club."

For more information about Great Neck Country Club, visit www.GreatNeckGolf.com.

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