Gramener Announces Gramex™, Low-Code Application Platform for Data

Gramener, an award-winning, design-led data science company, has launched its Gramex Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Gramex builds Data & AI products rapidly in a low code environment with an intuitive interface. Gramex shrinks the development cost by 5x without losing flexibility.

Gramex has over 200+ microservices and code components that cover all aspects of data - from build to deploy. These ready-made components expose data, models, visuals, narratives, and more, as configurable REST APIs. Gramex uses UI-driven configurations rather than code - so there's no need to learn complex programming languages.

Gramex is built on open standards and a component-driven architecture. This lets IT teams build production-ready, enterprise-grade applications faster and manage them in a single environment.

"Enterprises spend 87% of their budget on building custom Data and AI solutions. Gramex builds such solutions in days rather than months. This speed is strategic. If apps take long, IT teams just don't have capacity to take them up. But, with Gramex, 'impractical' apps become possible. You can go-to-market much faster. Technology isn't a hindrance, it's an enabler," said Anand Subramanian, CEO of Gramener.

Currently, Gramex is deployed across 40+ enterprises and has built 500+ enterprise-grade applications with great flexibility.

The key features of Gramex and the IDE platform include:

  • Integrated development environment that makes it easy to develop on top of open-source libraries like Pandas, Scikit-learn, and Vega
  • Intuitive interface to build and deploy an entire app using drag-and-drop
  • Simple integration with any existing applications and data sources
  • Automated patterns of analysis make it easy for developers to embed analytical components
  • Suite of customizable charts (Gramex Charts) makes building any custom visual without constraints, errors or delays
  • Automate data narratives in simple English and as comics
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a simple interface to configure and add microservices/REST APIs to applications
  • Visualization components that communicate insights and robust charts component with over 25 different basic and advanced chart types
  • Open standards and community that continuously evolves the platform and adds new features 

The Gramex Community Edition is released under MIT License, while the Gramex Enterprise Edition contains added enterprise security and comes with an IDE for accelerated development. 


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About Gramener

Gramener is a data science company that helps solve complex business problems with compelling data stories using insights and a low-code analytics platform.

Our Gramex platform is a low-code framework to rapidly build engaging data solutions across multiple business verticals and use cases. Our products have empowered CXOs, Chief Data Officers, Scientists, Business Analysts, and others to save millions of dollars by impacting revenue and decision making.

Gramener has headquarters in Princeton, NJ, with offices in Singapore, Toronto, and India. Gramener serves 120+ enterprise clients globally.

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About Gramener

Gramener® is a design-led Data Science Company that solves complex business problems with insightful and compelling data stories and accelerating the product build using low-code analytics platform, Gramex™. ​

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Princeton, NJ

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