Goverlan Surveys IT Support Professionals About COVID-19 Preparedness

Over half of IT Help Desk teams are expected to work remotely during the pandemic


Goverlan, the industry leader in remote support management solutions, announced today the availability of its recent survey of IT support professionals about coronavirus preparedness. The survey asked IT support professionals a series of questions about how their teams and organizations were preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the key findings include:

·       55.2% of IT Help desk teams are expected to work remotely, while 20.5% are rotating times when they are in the office

·       80.2% are concerned about increased security risks with large numbers of employees working remotely

·       49.5% of IT support teams have the ability to remotely access all of their users' devices unattended, over half do not

·       The following are some of the actions organizations are taking to prepare for coronavirus:

o   70.6% increased access to hand sanitizer

o   69.9% ramped up public health communications such as posters

o   67.1% banned business travel

o   66.7% canceled all in-person meetings

o   47.6% revised benefits policies for those needing to stay home with children or sick family members

o   5% reported no actions taken yet

As companies scramble to implement a work-from-home solution, a common pitfall to avoid is relying on cloud-based remote access solution. According to Pascal Bergeot, CEO of Goverlan, “Cloud-based remote access solutions introduce significant security risks because they increase the surface of attack. Implementing a remote access solution that works over a VPN is the most secure and effective solution.”  

Goverlan Reach is a remote access solution that works over a VPN and can be implemented in minutes. A free trial of the software is available at

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About Goverlan:

Goverlan was founded in the late '90s in New York City with a goal to build software that solves help desk pain points specific to investment banks and financial institutions. More than 20 years later, Goverlan designs secure remote access software solutions for system admins, engineers, helpdesk technicians, and IT departments, across industries, with a focus to simplify remote IT support. Used by thousands of customers in over 110 countries and 17 industries, Goverlan enjoys a stellar reputation in the IT support industry. Learn more about Goverlan at Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

The survey was conducted online. 1,579 responses received. The bulk of the responses were collected March 19–21, 2020. Respondents are from 20+ industries and the majority are in the U.S.

For more information, please contact:

Pascal Bergeot, CEO, Goverlan,, +1.888.330.4188

Britt Davies, Marketing Director, Goverlan,, +1.888.330.4188

Source: Goverlan