Goverlan Reach 9.5 Delivers Significant Productivity and Compliance Gains for Customer Support Teams

New Incident Management Module Integrates Seamlessly with Service Desk Software Solutions to Deliver Multitude of Key Benefits

​​​​Goverlan, the industry’s leader in Remote Support Software Solutions, announced today the latest release of its flagship product, Goverlan Reach 9.5, which includes a new Incident Management Module, integration with the major Service Desk Software Solutions, and a Security Advisory Board. 

Goverlan Incident Management Module 

Designed to integrate seamlessly with key Service Desk Software Solutions, Goverlan Reach’s Incident Management Module provides a single system for technicians to create, resolve, and close customer support tickets. This new module and integration enable complete automation of support ticket case notes, delivering the following benefits to the customer support team: 

  • Increased productivity of the support team.  Without the necessity to manually complete case notes, the team saves on average 2-5 minutes per ticket or up to 45 minutes per support team member per day.   

  • Dramatically improved insights and reporting. This includes accurate tracking of time-to-resolution; simple identification of the most common support issues and the most effective fixes; a complete history of what has happened to each machine. 

  • Build a better knowledgebase. All case notes are accurate, consistently notated, and complete, creating a rich, searchable knowledge base. 

  • Compliance with internal and external policies. 

More information about the Incident Management Module can be found here: 

Integrations with Service Desk Software Solutions 

Goverlan’s Incident Management Module’s zero-hassle integration with Service Desk Software solutions, plus powerful remote support features and automated case notes, boost efficiency, time-to-resolution, and compliance requirements. Currently, Goverlan’s Incident Management Module integrates with the following Service Desk Providers: ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, Freshworks, Zendesk, ConnectWise Manage, Cherwell, Freshdesk, and ManageEngine Service Desk.  Other integrations are planned for future releases, please contact us for more details.    

New Security Advisory Board 

To adhere to cyber security best practices, Goverlan has launched a Security Advisory Board which lists the vulnerabilities identified in Goverlan and provides fixes. Goverlan is dedicated to ensuring the security of our customers’ IT infrastructure. As we identify issues and vulnerabilities, they will be addressed quickly.  More information about the Security Advisory Board can be found on the Goverlan Customer Support page

For more information, please contact:  

Pascal Bergeot, CEO, Goverlan,, +1.888.330.4188  

Olivier Marschalik, VP Sales, Goverlan,, +1.888.330.4188 

About Goverlan 

Goverlan was founded in the late nineties in New York City with a goal to build software that solves help desk pain points specific to investment banks and financial institutions. More than 20 years later, Goverlan designs secure remote access software solutions for system admins, engineers, helpdesk technicians, and IT departments, across industries, with a focus to simplify remote IT Support. Used by thousands of customers in over 110 countries and 17 industries, Goverlan enjoys a stellar reputation in the IT support industry.  Learn more about Goverlan at  Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


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