Gotham Government Relations Paves the Way for a New Generation of Business With the Launch of Gotham Ventures and Gotham Tech

New York-based lobbying firm Gotham Government Relations & Communications is setting itself apart with its newest areas of practice: Gotham Ventures and Gotham Tech. 

"The world is changing, and we're committed to evolving with it," began Brad Gerstman, Founding Partner at Gotham Government Relations. Gotham Ventures is an area of our firm specifically designed to help movers and shakers disrupt, progress, and transform their industries without the interference of unnecessary regulation." 

As one of the first lobbying firms to take on this area of focus, Gotham will utilize Gotham Ventures to navigate startups through the complex political and regulatory landscapes known to slow innovation. Offering regulatory, media, and political support, their integrated strategy and diverse range of expertise will help clients to focus on what matters most: market growth for their business. 

Similarly, the rollout of their second new area of practice, Gotham Tech, will ensure this same level of support for those pioneering the technology of tomorrow.

"With Web 3.0 at the core of an extensive technology movement, it is clear that a struggle between possibility and regulation has emerged," explained Gerstman. "In seeking to create a secure space that connects users and software without the use of intermediaries, Web 3.0 is ushering in an entirely new approach to commerce and exchange. Unfortunately, existing policies, government agencies, and legal foundations cannot keep pace. As a result, those operating within this new phase of the Internet are being required to comply with ill-fitting structures that often slow, prevent, and stifle innovation."

Whether navigating Web 3.0 or cryptocurrencies and blockchains, the experts at Gotham Government Relations will now offer clients individualized plans, advice, and inside understanding to successfully assimilate new technology into either their current or prospective business models. 

"Strategy is what we're known for," finished co-founding partner David Schwartz. "Clients seek out our services not only because of our expertise but because of our multifaceted approach to solving problems. It's what we do best, and it's what we will continue to do with these new areas of practice."                                                  

About Gotham Government Relations

Gotham Government Relations and Communications is a nationally recognized firm known for its unique approach to solving problems. Through an integrated strategy that includes lobbying, law, communications, social media, grassroots efforts, and industry expertise, they masterfully craft solutions designed to achieve client goals. Most recently, Gotham was named one of "The Top 50 NYC Lobbyists 2021" by City & State

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