Gorilla Expense Launches Smart Corporate Card Solution

Gorilla Expense is excited to announce the launch of its new Smart Corporate Card solution.

The Smart Corporate Card solution based on PEX's Card platform allows users to easily issue rule-based physical and/or virtual cards, providing a one-stop integrated Expense Reporting platform. The Smart Corporate Card solution is highly configurable where admin users can define custom spend rules based on parameters like allowed merchants, categories and geography, set periodic budget limits and instantly change spending rules for one or all cards and for employees at all levels.

In addition, the Smart Corporate Card solution is designed to integrate well with ERP systems by fitting seamlessly into existing expense reporting workflows to meet operational requirements. The solution can also be used to set limits on IT expenses like Amazon, AWS and Azure along with controlling marketing expenses like Google and Facebook Ads. When integrated with Gorilla Expense's Expense Management Software, the credit card transaction data can automatically be reconciled with the monthly statements.

Gorilla Expense aims to transform the process of expense reporting with its range of convenient, easy-to-use solutions that do away with the need for time-consuming paperwork and out-of-pocket expenses.

PEX, a leading provider of spend management solutions, offers corporate cards to all types of organizations and businesses. PEX enables spend management through customized controls and simplified tracking with both virtual and physical card options. PEX gives users the flexibility to manage employee spending, payments to vendors, and distribute funds to program enrollees. PEX cards and platform puts you in control.

Source: Gorilla Expense

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Gorilla Expense is a One-Stop Expense Management Solution for modern medium-sized businesses within the Microsoft Dynamics and Sage space.

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