Gorilla Expense Introduces New Timesheet Features

The new timesheet features are an extension of similar features available in Expense Management product.

Gorilla Expense, a leading provider of boutique expense management software and project timesheet solutions for modern mid-sized businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of two new features in its Project Timesheet Management Software. The Timesheet Clock-in/Clock-out with Location Tracker and Timesheet Line Level Approval features offer users a more accurate and accountable way to record and manage their time spent on projects.

The Timesheet Clock-in/Clock-out with Location Tracker feature is a simple and efficient way for users to record their precise start/end time with corresponding geo-location for auditing purposes. With just a click of a button, users can start and stop their time tracking, and the system will record their start and stop times, as well as their geolocation data. This feature offers a highly accurate way to manage and report on project hours, and ensures accountability and transparency in the workplace.

The Timesheet Line Level Approval feature is another valuable addition to the Timesheet Management System. This feature allows for line-by-line approval of timesheets by Projects, giving project managers and supervisors greater control over the approval process. With this feature, project managers will be assigned lines associated with their projects that they need to review and approve, ensuring accuracy and consistency in payroll and billing. This feature is an extension of a similar feature available in the Expense Management product and is built to support integrations with various ERP systems like Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics

"We understand the importance of accuracy and accountability in time tracking, and these features will help our clients streamline their processes and improve their overall efficiency," said Gorilla Expense CTO Pranav Kulkarni.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit https://www.gorillaexpense.com/ 

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Gorilla Expense is a leading provider of Expense Management Software and Project Timesheet solutions, serving users in 40+ countries. With a focus on innovation and customizable solutions, we offer a range of product features designed to help businesses improve their expense management efficiency and unburden finance teams. 

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Gorilla Expense is a One-Stop Expense Management Solution for modern medium-sized businesses within the Microsoft Dynamics and Sage space.

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