GOODBYECAR's Densely Packed Portable Power Station BASTRO to Rival Its Competitors on Kickstarter

South Korean eco-friendly startup GOODBYECAR CORP is launching BASTRO, a compact lithium-ion power station that boasts a 2,000Wh power density in just 30lbs, on October 5th, 2020 to Kickstarter.

GOODBYECAR CORP is making its debut to the Western audience with its eco-friendly portable power station, BASTRO. Unlike most portable power stations that boast compact size over efficiency, BASTRO manages to pack 2,000Wh in just 30lbs. This is enough power to run a home freezer for hours but smaller in size than an average travel-size backpack.

When creating BASTRO, the team prioritized efficiency in order to provide an effective energy source that's ready to use and reliable in any occasion. "Access to electricity when it isn't readily available should still be just as easy as turning on a switch. If you need power, BASTRO will be doing the hard work for you," said GOODBYECAR's director Junhee Nam.

It has an internal smart Battery Management System (BMS) that automatically knows to pause or shut itself down when an unsafe condition is detected. Its BMS has four built-in, highly alert temperature sensors that manage overcharge, overdischarge, overheating, and sends alerts accordingly to the user through its mobile app.

The team's mission is to make lithium-ion batteries a widespread energy source alternative for all occasions. BASTRO also runs on lithium-ion, a battery type known to promote sustainability thanks to its minimized carbon emission and long lifespan. After BASTRO's Kickstarter campaign, GOODBYECAR CORP plans to use its electric battery source to power other vehicles with the same clean energy as well.

BASTRO will make its official launch on Oct. 5, 2020, through Kickstarter. Its early bird reward price offers an exclusive discount of 35% off MSRP. This time only, all Kickstarter backers will also receive a complimentary duffel storage bag. To find out more about BASTRO, please visit its Kickstarter page once it goes live.



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