GoLookUp Extends Its Sex Offender Directory to Every City and State in the United States

2020 Sex Offender Search

As of 2020, there are nearly 900,000 registered sex offenders living in the United States. The information about registered sex offenders in the country is available to the public, but one must search for it to find out who has committed sex crimes. To provide users with complete information about sex offenders, GoLookUp has extended its sex offender registry to every city and state in the country.

2020 Sex Offender Search in the U.S.

There are several ways to find information about registered sex offenders in the country and to make the search quicker and easier, GoLookUp has launched sex offender search directories. To find all the registered sex offenders in a particular area, users can use the zip code-based sex offender search directory; once users enter a zip code of interest into the directory, the directory provides a list of all the registered sex offenders in the said zip code including their full name, mugshot, address, the crimes they have committed, and more.

GoLookUp also operates an advanced directory to allow users to find data about individuals; those who want to find out if a particular person is a registered sex offender can use the site's 2020 people search directory. After entering the name of an individual into the directory, it aggregates information from public records and provides it in a detailed report.

The report includes the individual's name, contact information, aliases and crimes, and whether he/she is a registered sex offender.

The advanced sex offender search directories join GoLookUp's additional extended services, including a 2020 unclaimed money search, 2020 public records search, 2020 arrest records search and an updated mugshot database.

Providing information about registered sex offenders is part of the public safety policy in the U.S. To provide people with full access to information about sex offenders, GoLookUp has extended its directories to allow searches in every state and city in the U.S., making it one of the largest and fastest sex offender search sites today.

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