GoLookUp Announces an Unlimited Money Search Service

GoLookUp has announced an unclaimed money search service that will allow users to find lost money that belongs to them.

Unclaimed Money Search

Millions of Americans all across the country are entitled to money that they are not even aware of. This situation is caused from money accumulating in different places, and also being forgotten by those who earned it.

GoLookUp has announced an Unclaimed Money search service that allows users to find lost money that belongs to them and their relatives in order to claim it back.

What is Unclaimed Money?

As the name suggests, unclaimed money is money that people left behind and have yet to claim it back. This happens when people in the United States change their place of residence or switch jobs, and as a result accumulate money in different places. For instance, if a person has found a new job that goes along with a new pension trust, money in the old pension trust stays there. Those that are unaware of the effects of such changes essentially forget the money they left behind and do not claim it back.

Besides pension funds, unclaimed money in the U.S. is also found in life insurances, tax refunds, uncashed paychecks and many other places. This led to an astonishing $58 billion of unclaimed money that accumulated over the years with people not claiming it back.

Searching for unclaimed money is time-consuming, as one would first have to find out where he has unclaimed money, and then file requests to get it back. GoLookUp has shortened the search to a mere few minutes, and its unclaimed money directory helps users find and claim back the money they deserve.

Finding Unclaimed Money With GoLookUp

GoLookUp’s unclaimed money directory locates lost funds by searching for them based on the first name, last name and state of residence of the person in question. This information provided by users then leads to a nationwide search for unclaimed money in billions of public records in order to allow them to find the money they deserve, and also discover its whereabouts.

GoLookUp’s unlimited searches allow users to find unclaimed money in every state they lived in, which lets them find all the lost funds they are entitled to. Also, GoLookUp’s background check and people search directories allow users to locate relatives across the United States, and find out if they have any unclaimed money that they can inherit.

This service is available for both living and deceased relatives, and it helps users discover money that belongs to their families that they were unaware of.

With nearly $60 billion of unclaimed money in the United States, millions of people are entitled to funds that they are unaware of. GoLookUp's unclaimed money search has solved this problem, and those who are entitled to unclaimed money can even download forms from the website to request it back,

Source: GoLookUp

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