Golden Matrix Group Enters Into a Definitive Agreement With the World's Leading Provider of Backend Platforms to the Casual Gaming Market

Golden Matrix Group Inc. (OTCPK: GMGI), a provider of social gaming technology services, recently entered into a definitive agreement with the leading provider of backend platforms in the casual gaming market.

Brian Goodman, CEO stated that, "The newly consummated business relationship will facilitate the Company’s launch of its Social Gaming Business into Asia, the world’s largest social gaming market. The Asia Pacific region is by far the biggest market for mobile games and revenues from South East Asia will be $2.2 Billion USD by 2017.  The new relationship will allow the Company to leverage its access into its existing Asian distribution network and generate respectable revenues. The gaming applications will include popular casino games, poker, bingo, Slots and table games to be offered in a Social Environment. The Company will deploy branded gaming content from some of the worlds most recognized and successful gaming companies.

Golden Matrix Group will soon disclose the details in its SEC filings. The provider offers a reliable, flexible, scalable and comprehensive back-end for social games with over 25 Million active monthly users and services over 4 Billion API calls per month.

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Golden Matrix Group owns Social Gaming IP and builds configurable and scalable white labeled social gaming platforms for its international customers and delivers innovation that players want. The Social Gaming IP includes tools for acquisition, retention and monetization of users. The Company’s platform is unparalleled in both desktop and mobile applications. Moreover user management is optimized though its ability to accommodate both free and cost to play state of the art games.


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