GOBEL Receives Second Patent for Gratitude to Give

GOBEL, the world's leading consulting and technology firm working exclusively for healthcare philanthropy, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a second patent from the U.S. government related to its innovative Gratitude to Give™ (G2G) predictive modeling technology. G2G is four to five times more likely to forecast who will give compared to traditional wealth-screening models. 

"We have long believed that gratitude drives the decision to give and wealth drives how much someone gives. Last year's patent awarded by the U.S. government was a milestone for our company, but also for all our clients who have long pursued the next level of fundraising, the kind of revenue generation that G2G realizes," said Chad Gobel, founder and CEO. "It was the first step on this journey to formalize our breakthrough methodology and technology. This second patent is an enormous next step."

GOBEL developed G2G as the first AI and ML fundraising model that identifies signs of gratitude by analyzing affinity and experiential data rather than wealth data alone. The sophisticated Gratitude to Give technology helps healthcare clients like hospitals, hospices and academic research institutes raise more money by predicting and segmenting patient populations, identifying the best prospects for annual, planned and major gift prospects, and creating the highest ROI by pinpointing the best prospects. It provides direct visibility into a patient's unique experience and uses big data sets to determine likelihood to give. Results are presented in one easy-to-use platform that offers multiple views so users can identify the best prospects for high wealth and high gratitude.

The original award last July was a patent on generating gratitude scores, using a machine-learning model. The new patent covers more products using machine-learning models to identify gratitude.

"This next step in predictive modeling involves the use of more and current data in real time," said Chad Gobel. "As people's information changes, our models change to stay as current as possible. Effective fundraising in the healthcare — or any — industry relies on keeping pace with change. These models will better and more thoroughly refine the information we provide for clients about their current and potential donors."

For more information, contact Grace Castilow, Public Relations Manager, at GCastilow@gobelgroup.com


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Source: GOBEL