GoBabyTrade Connects With Coinbase Exchange, Sees Crypto Customers Surpass Stock Customers

Customers trading with GoBabyTrade's robotic trading web app indicate cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular with individual investors.

GoBabyTrade Crypto

According to Saint Michael Technologies LLC, developer of the GoBabyTrade platform which first gained popularity among investors profiting from the minute-by-minute volatility of the stock market, the recently released crypto platform has surged in popularity among traders looking to take advantage of the same volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Since the release of the GoBabyTrade Crypto trading platform, new subscribers for crypto have outpaced new subscribers for the GoBabyTrade Stock trading platform. In fact, according to product spokesperson Ed Barsano, almost all of the current stock trading customers have also begun trading with the crypto app.

Why the popularity of GoBabyTrade's crypto trading platform? Barsano explains: "First of all, it's easy to use, especially if you've never traded cryptos. Also, connecting with Coinbase to execute our trade orders adds an extra level of trust and confidence among our users. Plus, GoBabyTrade customers thrive on volatility, the up and down movements of a stock or cryptocurrency. What our customers are finding is that cryptos are affordable, have great up and down movements which means more buying and selling, hence more profits to be taken. Also, unlike the stock market, cryptos trade 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, so the GoBabyTrade robotic trader never stops stalking and taking profits. It's a great way to start the day, waking up in the morning and seeing how much money the trader took overnight, while you were sleeping."

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About GoBabyTrade
GoBabyTrade Crypto is the first autonomous, intelligent and fully robotic cryptocurrency trading app available to the public. The app requires no strategy development or coding skills as the AI is engineered to determine optimal buying and selling opportunities. It can operate fully unattended or in manual mode, executing trade orders through Coinbase Pro. There is no software to download and no complicated installation. GoBabyTrade is completely web-based and accessible anytime from anywhere on a PC or smartphone.

Disclaimer: GoBabyTrade is a wholly owned product of Saint Michael Technologies LLC. Coinbase and Saint Michael Technologies LLC are two separate entities and are not responsible for each other's products or services.

Source: Saint Michael Technologies, LLC