GoBabyTrade App Ushers in the Retail Investor Revolution Against Wall Street Dominance

App takes aim at Wall Street with autonomous technology, no trading fees, no advisory fees, and as little as $500 and a smartphone to start trading

GoBabyTrade APP

Interest in the stock market is at an all-time high, especially among those who have never invested or have limited funds to trade. For those looking to test the stock market waters, the GoBabyTrade app from Saint Michael Technologies LLC helps ease the fear of missing out on the greatest transfer of wealth in recent history.   

The next generation of trading is autonomous and the GoBabyTrade app is the first and only one accessible to the public via smartphone. Call it a self-driving trading app if you will. GoBabyTrade self-navigates through the trading day, monitoring the market for buy/sell conditions - and no human can execute a trade faster than an automated app. 

One of the most compelling technologies of the GoBabyTrade app is the ability to trade in stealth mode, under the radar and out of view of Wall Street institutions and professionals. By never showing their cards, GoBabyTrade's retail investors sweep in to lock in profits at the prices they want without being stopped out by professional traders.

For novice traders and even more seasoned traders, GoBabyTrade's simulator mode allows users to test in real time during market hours with simulated dollars. Want to test and re-test with different stocks and different amounts of money? No problem. When users are comfortable and ready to trade with real money, a click of the button takes them live.

GoBabyTrade is totally free and trades exclusively through trusted industry leader TD Ameritrade. Plus, GoBaby traders enjoy $0 trading fees when trading through TD Ameritrade.

Automated trading expert Ed Barsano emphasizes "TRADING should be for everybody, not just professionals and large institutions. The GoBabyTrade app allows everyone, regardless of account balance, to be active traders in the stock market. This means taking profits as stock prices move up and down. The app enables everyone to stop being simple buyers-and-holders and instead allows them to trade like the pros who are raking money out of the stock market every day."

Welcome to the retail investor revolution.

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About GoBabyTrade™

GoBabyTrade™ is the first autonomous, intelligent and fully robotic stock trading app available to the public. The app requires no strategy development or coding skills as the AI is engineered to determine optimal buying and selling opportunities. It can operate fully unattended and autonomously, or in manual mode, executing trade orders through TD Ameritrade. There is no software to download and no complicated installation. GoBabyTrade is completely web-based and accessible anytime from anywhere on a PC or smartphone.

Disclaimer: GoBabyTrade is a wholly owned product of Saint Michael Technologies LLC. TD Ameritrade and Saint Michael Technologies LLC are two separate entities and are not responsible for each other's products or services.

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