Go Gadgets Iphone & Samsung Repair Save Locals Money

Go Gadgets Iphone & Samsung Repair have repeatedly shown that they have what it takes to help locals save money on pricey devices like: Iphones, Samsung Galaxy phones and smartphones in general.

We talked to several clients of Go Gadgets Phone Repair to find out how their experience with Go Gadgets was.  Many of the clients we spoke with had a cracked screen or broken phone they were planning to replace before the found Go Gadgets.  ​Replacing a smart phone can be extremely expensive, ranging from $400.00-$800.00 depending on the brand and model.  With Go Gadgets clients can have their phone or device repaired opposed to buying a new device, saving hundreds of dollars.  One client said:

"I was planning to spend $600.00 to get a new Iphone.  Right before I purchased my new phone my friend told me to checkout Go Gadgets Phone Repair.  After seeing many many 4-5 star reviews on yelp I gave them a call.  I told them I had a shattered screen.  Go Gadgets promptly gave me a quote and told me to come on in.  Within 2 days my cracked screen was repaired and my Iphone was as good as new.  I couldn't be happier."

Great service today! I came in for a repair after my last repair went south on me. They replaced the LCD screen at a very fair price, making sure to ensure great customer service and quickly at that! Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

Tina T., Yelp Reviewer

This is the typical response that we heard from other die hard Go Gadgets Iphone Repair clients.  It seems that their expertise in electronics repair and ability to quickly repair broken phones has made them a staple in the electronics repair community in Las Vegas.

We and many happy client would like to thank Go Gadgets for their excellent service and quality phone repair services.  Thanks Go Gadgets!