Globalization Knowledge Gap Solved With Globig's Online Expansion Planner

Globig Expansion Planner

​​​​​​​​Globig, the world's business expansion marketplace is proud to announce the beta launch of the Globig Expansion Planner, an easy to follow step-by by-step online software that guides companies through many of the complex processes required for doing business in other countries. is a partner for all of the small to mid-sized fast-growing companies going international that are without the in-house expertise required to know what they need to know, but need to move quickly. Just as importantly, Globig is bridging the knowledge gap for companies who feel they are being left behind by globalization.

The world is becoming increasingly global and digital. As soon as a company is online, they are competing against competitors from all over the world. Unfortunately most companies don't know how to compete globally and that's where Globig comes in.

Anke Corbin, Founder-CEO

Here’s how the Globig Expansion Planner works:

1.     Companies select the country they wish to expand into. They then choose what they need help with from over 30 guided blueprints, podcasts, training sessions, and tools in the areas of market entry, regulations, data privacy, product localization, relocation, employment law, sales, pricing and marketing strategy, and more. 

- Need to set up a bank account? Globig guides companies in how you do it and what they need in order to qualify in tough banking markets like the UK. 

- Need visas? Companies will get the steps and tips for success. 

- Localizing a website or mobile app? Globig will guide companies through the process. 

- Need a privacy policy or cookie policy? Download the templates. 

- Need pricing strategy advice and a pricing calculator? Got it.

- Need to know about relocating a company and employees? Get the steps.

-Looking for the best service providers in the world to help? Globig has it covered. 

2.     Globig algorithmically generates a customized plan within seconds, based on the information selected, and each of the relevant guides, podcasts, and tools are loaded into each company's dashboard.

3.     Globig recommends the world’s best vetted service providers - in over 50 categories - such as Eide Bailly, Oury Clark, Lingo Live, AFEX, Fitzgerald & Law, Safeguard World International, and over 600 others.  Globig also partners with economic development organizations and governments around the world to make global expansion easier.

“The world is becoming increasingly global and digital. As soon as a company is online, they are competing against competitors from all over the world. Unfortunately most companies don’t know how to compete globally and that’s where Globig comes in,” says Anke Corbin, Globig’s Founder and CEO. “We’ve created an easy to follow blueprint to international success for companies of all sizes. If you’re going into a new market, you need to know what you don’t know, and save yourself the time, risk, and headaches of going it alone or with un-vetted service providers.”

Almost 2,000 companies from around the world are already using Globig resources for their international expansion, and millions more need help.

About Globig

Globig is a technology company comprised of international legal, tech, product, and go-to-market experts who make digital tools and resources to accelerate international expansion.

Globig has free digital resources such as the Globig Marketplace, Globig Knowledge Base, podcasts, and premium resources to custom create international expansion plans specific to each company’s needs using the Globig Expansion Planner.

Globig helps companies know what they need to know and get the online tools and knowledge needed to succeed around the world. 

Source: Globig Inc.

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