Global Strategist of Social Change, J. Marcelle Lashley-Kaboré, Launches Philanthropic Excursion, the Global Goddess Experience, With First Mission Scheduled for Guyana

The Global Goddess Experience

NY Emmy Nominated Producer and social strategist, J. Marcelle Lashley-Kaboré, has officially launched the Global Goddess Experience, an international excursion of female leaders joining women in developing nations to provide resources of education, opportunity, access and action to address entrepreneurial challenges, establish inclusion and ensure sustainability. This is a 360° experience that takes influential women on a journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion, creating a reciprocal exchange between nations.

The inaugural mission for the Global Goddess Experience will take place in Guyana (South America) and is in partnership with Bridges Global Medical Missions, founded by Dr. Claudette Heyliger Thomas. The two organizations will work together to offer free outreach services to the at-large communities of Upper Demerara Hospital in Wismar; the Georgetown Public Hospital; the Leonora Cottage Hospital on the west coast of Demerara; and the Mahaicony Hospital on Demerara’s east coast.

Prior to landing in Guyana, the team will stop in Trinidad to complete a clothing drive donation. Then, they will participate in a collaborative event with the University of Guyana to host the 2018 Clinical Updates on Healthcare Delivery Conference on Sunday, May 20. This important conference will involve physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who will conduct a variety of breakout sessions and workshops geared towards bettering health care in the underserved communities of Guyana.

The Global Goddess Experience is a full circle excursion that includes a cultural and indulgent aspect as the team will culminate the trip on one of Guyana’s famed island resorts. The team will also embark on a day trip to the Arrowpoint Nature Resort and the Kaieteur Falls, which is known as “the greenest place on Earth” and is the separating line between Guyana and Brazil, followed by a trip to Bartica, Essequibo, a town known for its gold and diamond mining. Additionally, The Global Goddess Experience will overlap the very first Guyana Carnival, a multi-day festival filled with entertainment, food, concerts, parades and celebrations. The goddesses will be able to embrace the deep-rooted Caribbean culture of Guyana during the festival adding more value to the excursion. To note, the entire experience will be documented with an assigned film crew to create a memorable documentary-style film.

Having Guyanese heritage and with Trinidad being her birthplace, J. Marcelle knew that this would be the ideal first excursion for the organization. She says, “Guyana and Trinidad are represented by African, Indian, Amerindian, Asian, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish cultures. Beginning the Global Goddess Experience in the lands of my rich and diverse heritage makes me extremely proud and gives just a glimpse of the cultural journey that lies ahead.”

The Global Goddess’ mission to Guyana is well underway in the final stages of planning, but applications for the second mission slated for October 2018 to West Africa will go live on the organization’s official website on May 1, 2018. For more information visit

About J. Marcelle – Marcelle Lashley-Kabor é is passionate about impacting change. In 2013, inspired by her first visit to Africa, she added Social Entrepreneur to her already successful career path as an Experiential Marketing Content Curator and Producer. Her purpose is  to be an advocate and provide a platform to be a voice for the voiceless. She desires to help equip youth to rewrite their own narrative and rise against their injustices. In her youth development work to date, she has used multimedia to create a voice and choice platform for youth which has garnered 5 NY Emmy® nominations for social justice & documentary film pieces.

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