Global Services Group Completes Acquisition of Telupay International

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Global Services Group has just completed the acquisition of Telupay, (TLPY), as it adds another company to its growing portfolio of high growth companies in the technology field. In recent weeks, Global Services Group has been on a buying spree, also acquiring award-winning PR and media firm, 10 Day Media to reinforce the marketing arm of GSG.  

“GSG has purchased the majority of controlling shares in Telupay International. We will then do a reverse split and change the name of Telupay to Celexus, Inc. From there, Celexus will become a holding company with an eye on additional mergers and acquisitions,” commented Lisa Averbuch, President.

Celexus, Inc.’s unique position is to acquire profitable, early-stage companies that have measurable growth potential in the near term. Doing so allows the company to continue improving the value of its portfolio for its shareholders while adding viable business ventures to the mix along the way that enhance its offerings to both customers and investors alike.

“Acquiring companies at this stage is where we can experience the greatest multiples in profits due to our early stage participation when share prices are at their lowest levels,” says Lisa Averbuch.

Celexus, Inc. is rapidly building a portfolio of these early-stage, high-growth companies and technologies using the same method that leading companies like Johnson and Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway and Humana have done in the past.

“We have a similar business model but participate at a different level that carries potentially higher multiples,” D. James, Director of Mergers and acquisitions, explains. “We are very excited about this recent purchase of the controlling shares in TLPY."

In the following week, Celexus will present its website with further updates.

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D. James

Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

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