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Global LED Display Market Status and Prospect Analysis

Last few years, Chinese LED display has made rapid progress both in technology and crafts, and it has gradually caught up with the international advanced level, and some even surpassed other countries to lead the industry.

Huge market with stage rental LED display
In recent years, stage rental LED display to become more and more popular. The design application from single and conventional stage LED display to creative stage LED display, to achieve continuous innovation in product technology, and led the stage rental LED display industry transformation and upgrading because of a strong market demand. It's also discovered the new development direction for stage LED display, and more and more LED display companies are attracted into the stage rental LED display market. In the long-term and wide-ranging demand, high-end stage LED display industry ushered in a new market blue ocean.

YUCHIP rental LED display use die casting aluminum material with features of high strength, strong toughness, and high precision, cabinet size is standard 500x500mm with 65mm thickness and 6.2kg weight. It’s not only greatly reduce the impact of external objective factors on long time performances activities, but also save space to make the screen look beautiful. And the lighter cabinet, easy to install, it could meet the requirements of quick installation in a short time. The refresh frequency more than 3840HZ, the high gray grade and high refresh frequency make sure the colorful and vivid display effect when the LED screen plays videos or pictures, they can watch the display content clearly even under the sun in outside, people would get a perfect visual feast.

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 The innovation direction for stage rental LED screen is HD.
From last year, LED display industry development maintains a high growth rate led by HD LED display. Now, after nearly 2 years marketing of HD LED display, more and more people realize the advantages of HD LED display, and the effect that they display is praiseworthy. Many command centers, government agencies, and advertising agencies have also begun to try to introduce HD LED display. Rental LED display continuous development to HD rental LED display because the user has a higher needs for display effect.

At present, there is only a little people purchase HD LED display due to technology and price. The HD LED display companies also need continuous product innovation and application breakthrough to entering the high-end stage rental LED display market. Only the technical maturity and cost control has been improved, the HD LED display can truly thrive in the high-end rental LED display market. 
In the future, the rental LED display will continue to advance in the direction of standardization, high-definition display, high-density, one-screen multi-use, fast and safe installation, easy maintenance, and thin and light cabinets, which has laid the innovation direction of HD stage rental LED screen.

Enterprises competition shift from price to quality
Nowadays, LED display industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the past two years, the materials price was risen, like PCB board and LED chip etc. But the products price was falling in order to compete for market share. However, with the ever-changing social demands, unilateral blind price wars are not the best strategy for winning the market.

Today, innovative products become the new profit growth point, technological innovation and differentiation of product creativity have become the winning way for companies to stand out for the price. For businesses, not to advance be to go back, no matter whether it is technology or products, you need to constantly forge ahead with innovation. Fixed LED display with standard size, almost "one and every time" after installation, but rental LED display need to easily installed, disassembled and transported repeatedly to ensure the workers could finish work quickly to reduce the labor cost for customers; Its resistance to transport and handling bumps is strong, cabinets and package dimensions to fit the loading of the vehicle; The more important is the rental display must meet the environmental needs of all parties in order to show a perfect display effect, therefore, its requirements for quality and reliability are much higher than those of fixed LED display. To ensure the quality and reliability of rental LED display, YUCHIP Eric stated:” All our products are independent research and development, including cabinets, kits, PCB, line plugs, and power supplies are all production by privately-owned mould, special power current-sharing backup function is praised by many customers, the so-called power current-sharing backup, that is when a cabinet power supply cannot continue to supply due to damage, it can use the neighboring cabinet power supply, in order to achieve our "never black screen" effect. Our company always emphasizes that when it comes to products, it doesn't have to be perfect in every aspect, but it must form its own unique style and characteristics, only in this way can we enhance the creative space of the company and win a place in the fiercely competitive rental LED display market.”

Overseas rental LED display market is booming
Chinese companies' sense of smell in overseas markets is no less than Chinese domestic market. At present, there will basically be an unequal share of overseas demand for engineering LED screen and rental LED screen, engineering wholesale customers are more than rental customers. But from today, the overseas rental LED display market has begun to become rampant. The operation of overseas rental companies and Chinese rental companies are much the same, among them, theatrical performances, high-end conferences are mainly. With the explosion of floor LED display, the leasing market is also expanding to more areas, such as auto show, T station show, etc. In terms of products, overseas customers pay more attention to product details and appearance than domestic customers.

The development trend of the rental LED display
Rental LED display to be more emphasis on exterior design and easy to install etc. Rental LED display presents a diversified development trend, from a single color, dual color to HD LED display, customers demand become more and more precise and requirements become higher and higher. In addition to the two main factors of exterior design and easy to install, many users now focus on the display requirements of the LED display, like gray grade, refresh frequency, and compatibility with peripheral devices. It is a challenge to the current existing rental display.

With the improvement of environmental protection awareness of enterprises, they pay more attention to the national call for energy saving and environmental protection. The rental LED display will be more energy saving and environmental protection, it will be a research topic.
In addition, the practicality and versatility of the LED screen are increasingly favored by rental customers. Indoor and outdoor sharing, low gray grade and high refresh frequency, lighter and thinner, and one-screen multi-use will become the overall development trend of the rental LED screen.


As one of the earliest professional LED solution provider in China, we have 15 years of technical and experience. We have passed the ISO9001 system certification. Products are sold worldwide and have offices in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland. YUCHIP's greatest aspiration is to come up with the most creative and high-quality products.

The YUCHIP has a 20-person R&D team that has developed a wide range of products for various application scenarios, such as taxi led displays, Indoor Ultra HD LED Display, Outdoor small pixel pitch rental led display, sphere led display, dual maintenance led display, Led poster, transparent led display, etc.

Constant innovation, focusing on quality, is what we will always do.

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