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One Person Companies (OPCs) are rapidly becoming popular by entrepreneurs and professionals for doing vocation in diverse economic sectors in entire India. This concise web-piece offers significant information about OPC, along with stipulating masterly OPC registration services of a widely reputed law firm of India.

Presented concisely in this web-piece is great information about OPC, and also about impeccable legal services for registration of this in entire India!

Recently introduced by the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, the One Person Company (OPC) has been enticing an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs and professionals for highly elegant and lucrative business conduction in various economic fields in places all across India. For setting up an OPC in any field of commerce/profession/service, there is required only one director (as compared to at least two directors in case of a private limited company), who can also be the sole shareholder of the company. Along with this concession, there are many other lavish advantages also available to the one person companies in India, which are stipulated in paragraphs below.

Other most impressive and significant features and facilities associated with the OPC, or specific advantages of OPC over all other existing forms of a company, are the following ---

Ø  The mandatory requirement for registration of a one person company in any economic field is delivery of a minimum paid-up capital of INR-100,000/- (Rs- One Lac)

Ø  The OPC is fully entitled to enjoy all advantages of limited liability, like other duly incorporated companies

Ø  The OPC has the liberty to make lesser regulatory and annual compliances with ROC and other concerned bodies, as compared to those of the private and public limited companies 

Ø  The strict provisions given in the Section 98 and Sections 100 to 111 of the Companies Act of 2013, related with the General Meetings of all companies in India, are not applicable to OPCs.

Ø  Also, the rigorous provision advocating for rotation of auditors in every five-year term (introduced by the new Indian CA of 2013), is also not applicable to OPCs.

However, there are certain limitations also associated with OPC. To know about these limitatiith establishing ons, and all mandatory provisions and regulations concerned wOPCs in India, interested readers (Both Indians and Foreigners) may readily contact Global Jurix of Delhi, an internationally prominent law firm of India. Well-informed, veteran, and punctilious company lawyers of Global Jurix extend all required services for setting up one person companies in entire India, including support for obtaining DSC and DIN, and filing and processing of forms INC-1, INC-2, INC-3, and INC-21.

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