DGFT Enforces Strictness to 3-Document Norm for Exports/Imports

To enforce strict adherence to its 3-document norm in connection with exports from and imports into India, the DGFT has recently issued a rigorous order. Know here in brief all about this latest order/reminder by DGFT, and its earlier notification issued in March 2015.

On January 21, 2016, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), coming under the broad canopy of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the Government of India, issued a rigorous order/reminder regarding prompt and strict adherence to the its Notification No. 114 dated 12th March 2015. The specified notification issued by DGFT, was related with the mandatory requirement of only three documents for conducting exports and imports by people and entities located in India, in normal cases. This latest order by DGFT has been addressed to all exporters and importers located in India, all export promotion councils of India, and all related regional authorities.

The notification No.-114 was issued to reduce the number of essential documents to be submitted by the exporters and importers of India, along with expediting the whole related proceedings. The notification by DGFT clearly specified that after issuance of the same, only three documents would be demanded from the exporters or importers of India, in normal cases. Thus, the notification was indeed a welcome provision related with making exports of goods from India and importing the same into India, by people and entities engaged in various economic sectors of the country. However, the said notification also stated that in connection with the exports or imports of certain goods/products, some additional documents may also be demanded (electronically or in written form) from the concerned exporters or importers, such as NOC or product specific compliances, etc., to ensure proper legal compliance. The DGFT also cleared that any deviation from this 3-document general norm, may promptly be reported to the directorate through the respective trade bodies.

The three mandatory documents required for making exports of goods/products from India, are the following --- 1) Bill of Lading/Airway Bill; 2) Commercial Invoice-cum-Packing List; 3) Shipping Bill/Bill of Export. On the other hand, the three essentially demanded documents from importers of India for importing goods/products by them into India, are the following --- 1) Bill of Lading/Airway Bill; 2) Commercial Invoice-cum-Packing List; 3) Bill of Entry. Here, it may also be just informed that our full-fledged law firm located in Delhi, has been helping exporters and importers of India for many past years in conducting their exports or imports without hassles.

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