Global Cents Announces Next Generation of PowerTools Suite for OpenText

Next generation GCI PowerTools enables organizations to better manage information within controlled OpenText Content Suite environments

Today, Global Cents announced significant enhancements to their GCI PowerTools, including GCI PowerTools for Deployments, GCI PowerTools for Workflows, GCI PowerTools for Documents, GCI PowerTools Viewer, and more. Global Cents also introduced GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures. This solution allows OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platform users to digitally sign documents using industry standard services, such as DocuSign, directly from OpenText's web interface. These updates reinforce Global Cents' commitment to delivering high-quality applications for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms which empower customers to thrive in a regulated world.

“Today, we are launching the next generation of PowerTools solutions that enable organizations around the globe to better manage their information and processes within controlled Content Suite environments,” said Tom Lilly, CEO at Global Cents. “We continue to innovate and develop our flagship products. This provides for a tighter alignment with OpenText technologies and enhances our customers' business processes. By delivering solutions that improve compliance, increase user adoption, and speed application changes, Global Cents has truly become the go-to partner for OpenText customers in highly regulated industries.”

Cloud-ready content deployments

With updates specifically designed for OpenText-hosted services customers, GCI PowerTools for Deployments is now cloud-ready by introducing the ability to manage export & import packages, called “Power Packages”, from inside Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms, eliminating the need for filesystem access. This enables users to quickly and accurately extract any Content Suite and Extended ECM platform objects and transfer them between environments.

To support more complex deployment scenarios, GCI PowerTools for Deployments delivers new options for migrating entire module configurations. Content Suite configuration data can now be copied and transferred, along with other repository objects and content, from one environment to another. This new capability brings significant time savings to developers and system administrators managing multiple environments. Likewise, Extended ECM for SAP customers will find GCI PowerTools for Deployments operates much like SAP's Transport operates for the SAP environment.

Powerful workflow productivity enhancements

Using workflows to automate repetitive tasks or ensure structured processes are followed is one of the most powerful elements of Content Suite. GCI PowerTools for Workflows now takes this to the next level. The latest release adds capabilities to automate the creation of complex objects such as compound documents, collections, classifications, folders, physical objects, and more. It is also possible to copy objects from the filesystem and place objects in the filesystem.

Digital signatures directly within OpenText

Designed to support modern paperless processes, GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures integrates digital signing processes directly into the standard Content Suite and Extended ECM platform web interface. Users can select documents within a Content Suite folder and with a single click, send them for signing via DocuSign or other supported digital signature providers. In addition, the updated GCI PowerTools for Documents - Signer module enables users to include easy-to-use graphical and digital signing capabilities directly within GCI PowerTools document processes.

Plugin-free document viewing within Content Suite

The updated GCI PowerTools Viewer delivers unmatched capabilities within Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. User-friendly enhancements like search, hot-keys, and rubber-band zoom for easier viewing, annotating, and redacting directly within a browser without the need for any additional plug-ins. In addition, its modern web experience and its ability to convert over 200 document formats make it a must-have.

For a comprehensive overview of all GCI PowerTools, please visit the Global Cents website.

Pricing and availability

The updates to GCI PowerTools are available for all customers with a maintenance agreement and can be downloaded from the Global Cents Customer Portal. The all-new GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures is now available with integration into DocuSign. For further details contact Global Cents.

GCI Live, LLC (“Global Cents”) is a leading provider of products and solutions extensions for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. Global Cents enables organizations in highly regulated industries to better manage their information and business processes in controlled environments by improving compliance, reducing costs, and improving user adoption. By partnering with Global Cents, customers can implement controlled document lifecycle processes, document assembly & production applications, and controlled change management solutions that empower them to thrive in a regulated world. Founded in 2004, most of the Global Cents team played leading roles in the original development of Content Suite platform. Over the years, GCI's developer teams, consultants, and subject matter experts have amassed an unparalleled collective knowledge of developing world-class solutions for regulated organizations around the globe.

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Global Cents is a leading provider of solutions for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. We enable organizations in highly regulated industries to better manage their information and business processes in controlled environments.

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