Giving Back to the Community: Iris Healing Retreat Sponsors 14th Annual Mayor's Luncheon

Iris Healing Retreat supports Mayor Eric Garcetti to face issues regarding mental health and recovery in Los Angeles. Committed to serving the community, Iris recently co-sponsored the 14th Annual Mayor’s Luncheon via the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce.

Nestled in a serene neighborhood of Woodland Hills, Iris Healing Retreat provides addiction and mental health treatment at detox, residential and outpatient levels of care. Masterfully blending a holistic approach towards rehabilitation whilst utilizing powerful, cutting-edge clinical modalities like brainspotting and neurofeedback in addition to traditional therapeutic modalities, Iris offers a full continuum of support for clients in their recovery journey. The doctoral-level clinical team facilitates a custom, trauma-informed program that emphasizes spiritual growth, self-care and personal development.

Now, more so than ever, it is vital to destigmatize the conversation regarding mental health and addiction. As numbers of those afflicted with both issues steadily rise, Iris Healing Retreat is committed to helping remove the negative stigma that remains on the frontlines of discourse. The shameful association around mental health and addiction issues in the United States serve as one of the greatest roadblocks to recovery. Changing the conversation and making mental health and addiction treatment programs accessible to the masses is the first step to addressing this national epidemic. The common factor that lies at the core of addiction is often trauma. Powerful modalities like brainspotting and neurofeedback, that remain fairly unknown to most, have had tremendous success because the client is not required to relive the trauma, unlike traditional talk therapy. By introducing a holistic and spiritual approach alongside the most advanced treatment modalities overseen by a doctoral-level staff, clients at Iris Healing are thriving in their recovery.

“We are passionate about modeling and teaching empathy to our clients. Giving back to the community is a core value here at Iris. It is one of the components of creating a healthy lifestyle and cultivating meaningful connections. Personally, I am committed to mental health advocacy and feel that the work we are doing aligns with the goals Mayor Garcetti and his staff are tackling here in Los Angeles,” said Elena Kapustina, CEO and founder of Iris Healing Retreat.

The luncheon was held at the Warner Center Marriott on Oct. 5, 2018. Iris Healing Retreat continues the crusade to advocate for mental health and recovery issues while also offering free and affordable educational events open to the public.

For more information on events that are hosted by Iris Healing Retreat and are open to the public, please visit or call (866) 663-4747.

Source: Iris Healing Retreat


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