Gill Rock Drill Company Invests in New State-of-the-Art Equipment

Now Utilizing Gagemaker's Rotary Shouldered Connection Thread Inspection Equipment and MT-3000 Gage Setting/Part Measurement Systems

Gill Rock Drill Company Inc

​Gill Rock Drill Company Inc., a Pennsylvania-based full-service manufacturer and distributor of drilling equipment, tools and supplies, announced it is now utilizing Rotary Shouldered Connection Thread Inspection Equipment and MT-3000 MIC TRAC Gage Setting and Part Measurement Systems by Gagemaker, a Houston-based manufacturer of precision inspection equipment and measuring devices for the Quality Control industry.

According to Gill Rock Drill representatives, switching to these measurement and inspection systems will allow the company to send out product guaranteed to meet the stringent and demanding API 7-2 Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections.

Gagemaker’s JSS Thread Inspection System for Rotary Shouldered Connections has been deemed a “revolutionary breakthrough” in accurately gauging the quality of new and used rotary shoulder connections by drilling industry professionals, with such professionals regularly citing benefits such as extending drill string longevity; eliminating standoff, lead and taper errors; preventing stress cracking and galling from improper make-up and excessive torque; reduction of non-productive rig time due to string failure; assurance of exact thread cone interference during torque shoulder make-up and detection of pitch diameter errors that cause oversized boxes and undersized pins.

The Gagemaker MIC TRAC 3000 (MT-3000 Series) Gage Setting and Part Measurement System is also being utilized by Gill Rock Drill Company, allowing the organization to measure parts, calibrate hand-held gages and preset indicator-style gages to a resolution of 0.00005”. The “shop floor” system boasts a Force-Lok feature that improves repeatability from operator to operator and, according to both Gagemaker and Gill Rock Drill Company representatives, is well-suited for a variety of environments – including the shop floor.

“The MIC TRAC System from Gagemaker is an electronic, adjustable calibration and measurement center that will inspect parts, preset indicator-style gages and calibrate a variety of handheld inspection gages,” says Gill Rock Drill Company. “Because the MIC TRAC 3000 is suited for use nearly anywhere, on a shop floor or in a calibration lab, it is most coveted by our engineers here at Gill Rock Drill Company who are always eager to take advantage of its precision ground receiver pads, digital readout, optical scale and other formidable features.”

Gill Rock Drill engineers, quality inspectors and CNC machinists have been trained and certified by Gagemaker to use the measuring systems, so that everyone involved had both an understanding of the critical features of rotary shoulder connections as well as how to properly set up the gages and use them. Gagemaker trainers also brought their unique mastery of the company’s training courses to the Gill Rock Drill staff, stressing principles including how to correctly use gages and record readings, how to find inspection settings and tolerances, what the importance is of each thread element and how to meet the specifications of API, ANSI, ISO and more.

“Building a better product and increasing quality was our ultimate goal when deciding to utilize these measurement devices from Gagemaker,” concludes Gill Rock Drill Company. “With traditional ring and plug gages, individual thread features can’t be measured, but now we have numerical data and quality documentation on the specific product going out the door as well as traceability regarding a particular piece’s material, the quality and strength of the steel and the physical dimensions of the product.”

About Gill Rock Drill Company Inc.

Founded in 1915 by Fred A. Gill, Gill Rock Drill Company remains dedicated to satisfying the needs of customers by providing high-quality equipment, tools and service. As a family owned and operated full-service manufacturing and distributor organization primarily serving the drilling industry, Gill Rock Drill Company manufactures its own drilling machine, the Gill Beetle Drill, in addition to offering a full line of Gill Beetle Drills that can be customized for any drilling application.

A full-service machine and weld shop for all manufacturing needs – from drilling tools and supplies to practically any specially-designed tool or product – is also offered by Gill Rock Drill to complement its commitment to honesty, integrity and trust.

Gill Rock Drill Company Inc. is located at 903-905 Cornwall Road in Lebanon and can be reached by calling (717) 272-3861. For more information visit

Source: Gill Rock Drill Company Inc


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