Ghosh Orthodontics Has 'Fangtastic' Halloween

Ghosh Shares Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Party Oral Health Tips

Ghoulish Fun with Ghosh Orthodontics

On Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, Ghosh Orthodontics of Pottsville, Pennsylvania participated in the annual Pine Grove Borough Halloween parade, as well as other nearby parades. Local teams, companies, and organizations got together to make this year’s Halloween parade a success. Ghosh Orthodontics’ float was not one to be reckoned with, resulting in placing fifth among other floats participating in the parade.

With the holiday season upon us, Ghosh Orthodontics wants to remind you that, although the holiday season may present some challenges for food on your “don’t eat list,” such as caramel, hard candy, licorice, popcorn, and nuts, it is important to avoid these sweet temptations. Even though most adults don’t include bobbing for apples as an activity at holiday parties, orthodontic patients may want to think twice before enjoying that bowl of mixed nuts that are typically served at holiday events.

We're proud to take part in local events that support our communities. My staff and I had a great time constructing our float this year and were happy to join in on all the fun on parade day.

Dr. Sam Ghosh, Orthodontist

Same goes for those caramel-nut taffy apples that are displayed in the center of the dining tables, as well as pecan pie and brownies with walnuts that are on the dessert menu.

However, with creativity and awareness in the kitchen, families can accommodate with substitutions such as pumpkin, parfait, gelatin, ice cream, or thinly sliced apples dipped in creamy chocolate sauce or yogurt.

Ghosh Orthodontics recommends that their patients floss and brush their teeth after eating sweets to maintain their oral health. However, it is essential that our patients know you can brush your teeth too hard and even too often when trying to clean all the sweets and desserts from your teeth. You can do more harm than good by brushing too hard, especially if your toothbrush bristles are hard. Vigorously brushing your teeth can wear away your enamel faster. It can also cause gum recession, which in result can lead to tooth sensitivity. When too much of the tooth root becomes exposed, root canals can also be needed.

Already sick of all your Halloween candy? Instead of tossing it, donate it! Here are some organizations we recommend that would love your leftover or unwanted Halloween candy:

Operation Gratitude sends care packages to U.S. troops that are stationed overseas as well as the first responders that are on stateside. In 2016, Operation Gratitude sent 533.891 pounds of candy to our troops! Check out their website for more information and other things you can donate to our troops.

The Ronald McDonald House helps severely ill children and their parents stay together during treatment. After Halloween, many locations will accept donations of unopened candy for the families they serve. Search for your local chapter on the website, be sure to call ahead first to find out their rules for dropping off candy.

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Source: Ghosh Orthodontics