GigSmart Connects Organizations to Volunteers for Free Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

GigSmart's skills matching technology instantly connects organizations seeking volunteers to skilled volunteer workers.

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​​​​​GigSmart, the smart staffing solution connecting businesses with available workers, is encouraging all U.S.-based businesses, organizations, and non-profits seeking volunteers to leverage its staffing platform to expand their search, free of charge. 

GigSmart’s two staffing apps, Get Workers and Get Gigs, are most often used to connect businesses with labor needs to skilled workers who can be hired on the fly at low costs with no lead time. As a direct result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, GigSmart’s free apps can also be used to connect organizations seeking COVID-19-related volunteers to individuals who want to help. With an existing user base of over 170,000 workers, every applicable Get Gigs user will automatically be notified when COVID-19-related gigs are posted in their area.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our nation, demand for volunteers is on the rise. “Every day we see local governments, health care facilities, and community organizations struggle to find volunteers,” said Mitch Catino, Chief Product Officer of GigSmart. “These organizations face challenges when it comes to promoting, sourcing, and tracking all of their volunteer-related efforts. GigSmart’s apps are built to instantly match volunteers to volunteer opportunities — by location and by skill.”

Organizations interested in sourcing COVID-19 volunteers can create COVID-19-related gig posts in the Get Workers app. Alternatively, individuals who are interested in volunteering can use the Get Gigs app to be connected to volunteer opportunities matching their relevant skills, like Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Hospice Aide, Food Delivery Driver, General Laborer, or Volunteer.

Catino continued, “We’ve invested extensive resources into creating easy-to-use apps that connect organizations to individual workers and volunteers. We want to be socially responsible, and we want to help people connect to volunteers or volunteer opportunities in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.” 

Available in all 50 states, the number of users leveraging GigSmart's two-sided staffing platform is growing significantly month-over-month. Businesses can leverage the Get Workers app to source temporary labor across 3,000+ skills, and individuals can use the Get Gigs mobile app to access local, on-demand, and scheduled gigs or part-time and full-time jobs available across nearly every industry.

To create your free Get Workers account to instantly source paid hourly workers or unpaid volunteers in your area, or to learn more about GigSmart, please visit

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GigSmart is a software development company focused on providing modern solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving economy. GigSmart's staffing platform connects businesses looking for labor with available workers across all 50 states. Launched in December of 2018, GigSmart’s Get Gigs and Get Workers apps have already surpassed 300,000 installs, serving industries like construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail, customer service, and professional services. GigSmart is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with 35 full-time employees.

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