Survey Shows GigSmart Aids in Path to Employment Due to COVID Job Loss

COVID-19 has driven millions out of the workforce; GigSmart Get Gigs provides supplemental income, flexibility, and a path to employment for those affected

GigSmart, the staffing company that connects businesses looking for talent with individuals looking for work through its Get Workers and Get Gigs apps, today released survey findings showcasing 44% of users filed for unemployment benefits in 2020 and users are looking for supplemental income as a result of COVID job loss. 

Highlights of the survey showcased: 

  • 44% of users filed for unemployment in 2020
  • 37% of users are seeking work on the Get Gigs app due to unemployment

The data, based on a survey of gig workers in February 2021, also found 70% of GigSmart Get Gigs users joined the gig economy because they wanted to choose their own schedule and needed flexibility, 53% deemed the greatest benefit of the app was being able to receive same-day gig payouts, and 35% listed finding permanent employment as another top benefit.

Donell R., a New Jersey-based union carpenter, used Get Gigs to provide for his family when the pandemic left him out of work. "GigSmart was my lifeline," said Donell. "It gave me a chance to earn a living and put food on the table for my family when I didn't know how I could." 

John S., another GigSmart user, turned to Get Gigs to find work when a pending permanent job offer was put on hold due to COVID. After working several shifts at one client site, he was offered a full-time position with the company.

"I was going to have to file for unemployment if I didn't find a job immediately. GigSmart saved me from that. The best thing I can say about GigSmart is they have given me an opportunity to improve my situation both financially and in terms of quality of life," said John. 

GigSmart has seen a 460% growth in demand for hourly gig workers since March 2020 and a 39% jump in the number of hourly Gigs completed on their platform in Q4 2020. The number of hourly shift workers converted to full-time employees increased 13% in Q1 2021, clearly solidifying the need for flexible labor solutions in today's economy and the desire to retain top talent once identified.

"Unlike other gig economy providers, GigSmart's offerings were intentionally designed to help gig workers discover more ways to transition to permanent employment, especially when trying to find stability during the pandemic. Get Gigs users can easily find and apply to temporary, part-time, and full-time job opportunities," said Rich Oakes, President of GigSmart. "We encourage our staffing clients to convert and retain GigSmart workers as direct hires. We are here to help those looking for permanent employment find it," continued Oakes.

To hire a worker, sign up for a Get Workers account on the GigSmart website at or download the Get Workers app for iOS or Android. To become a worker, download the Get Gigs app for iOS or Android.

About GigSmart

GigSmart is a staffing company focused on providing modern solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving economy. GigSmart's apps, Get Workers and Get Gigs, connect businesses and residential users looking for labor with local workers. The apps are available in all 50 states serving industries including construction, manufacturing, food service, delivery services, transportation, retail, customer service, and professional services. 

Jenay Sellers

*Survey completed by 864 GigSmart workers in Feb 2021.

Source: GigSmart