Gigastone Releases Cutting-Edge Extra iPhone Storage Solution

Gigastone releases ultramodern Apple iPhone Flash Drive to meet the needs of iPhone users who require extra iPhone storage.

Gigastone IF-6600 iPhone Flash Drive

 Gigastone the Leading Global Mobile Technology Accessory Brand today announced that it has released the new Gigastone IF-6600 iPhone Flash Drive, its latest cutting-edge solution designed to meet the requirements of iPhone users requiring additional iPhone memory storage. 

iPhone users are constantly badgered by the infamous “Storage Almost Full” messages on their phones. The constant hunger for storage on cellular devices is especially prevalent on iPhones. Unlike their Android counterparts, the iPhone characteristically has no features to upgrade its internal memory. Up until recently the only solution to iPhone storage limitations seemed to be an expensive upgrade. 

"The Gigastone iPhone IF-6600 is the 'Swiss Army Knife' for iPhone users with memory issues." He went on to say, "Our solution is simple and hinges on two basic principles. One, don't keep information that you don't need on your iPhone. Two, have the ability to access information on your iPhone without storing the data on the phone. The Gigastone IF-6600 achieves both."

Harold Katz, Gigastone Chief Marketing Officer

Michel Hassan, Gigastone, President expounded, “No matter how much storage you have on your iPhone or iPad, it is never enough. Who has the time to backup and restore data using iTunes and a computer? Granted we all have allot of junk on our phones. The question is how to free-up that data and in turn have that data on-hand and easily accessible. The new Gigastone IF-6600 is, to date, the most eloquent answer to this perpetual problem.”   ​

Gigastone’s cost effective remedy to this ensuing and ongoing problem is its latest iPhone Flash Drive, the Gigastone IF-6600. The IF-6600 iFlashDrive has all the features to meet, iPhone low internal memory concerns, head on. 

  • Lightning Fast USB 3.0 Speeds
  • Ergonomic tiny footprint weighing in at only 5.5 grams
  • Memory up to 128GB
  • Apple MFi Approved
  • Dual USB and Apple Lighting adapters

​Harold Katz, Gigastone, Chief Marketing Officer, elaborated on the issue, “The Gigastone iPhone IF-6600 is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for iPhone users with memory issues.” He went on to say, “Our solution is simple and hinges on two basic principles. One, don’t keep information that you don’t need on your iPhone. Two, have the ability to access information on your iPhone without storing the data on the phone. The Gigastone IF-6600 achieves both.” 

Major Features of the IF-6600 iPhone Flash Drive:

  • Move iPhone data from your iPhone internal memory to the IF-6600 iPhone Flash Drive.
  • Backup your iPhone automatically. (Photos/Contacts/Calendar)  
  • Touch ID Security and Encryption.
  • Stream and download YouTube videos without using up internal iPhone memory.
  • Play You Tube Videos directly from the IF-6600 iPhone Flash Drive.  
  • Move photos from your iPhone to the IF-6600, freeing up internal iPhone memory.
  • AirPlay Multimedia – Music, Video and Photos directly from the IF-6600.
  • Access & Backup Camera Roll without iTunes.
  • Play, Copy Move and Backup Music. Play music from the IF-6600 without using iPhone memory.
  • Access, manage, copy and move iCloud / Dropbox / Google Drive Files without utilizing iPhone memory.
  • Stream and download Vimeo Videos without using iPhone memory.
  • Easily share data between devices; iPhone, iPad, PC & Mac.
  • Download and store Facebook Albums.    

See the Gigastone web site for more information.   

Gigastone also sells a full range of other memory products and mobile technology accessories, including SD Cards, iPhone Flash Drives, OTG Drives, SSD Drives, Memory Cables and USB Drives.

About Gigastone

Gigastone is the leading global mobile accessory brand, specializing in state-of-the-art, high-end mobile peripherals and technology. For two decades, Gigastone has been distributing technology to all the major big-box and Electronic Commerce stores. Gigastone has leveraged its engineering, manufacturing and quality control skills to drive world-class production and deliver quality products. A uniquely positioned company, poised to continue to grow and maintain its leadership in the fast paced consumer electronics space.

Gigastone currently has eight major offices around the globe; USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Brazil and China, with distributors in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Notable distributors include Walmart, Costco, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Guo Mei,, E-Mart and The Source. Gigastone continues to launch world-class mobile peripherals, constantly diversifying its product range to meet consumer demand. Customer focus is the key to ongoing Gigastone global success. 

Source: Gigastone

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