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Staying top of the Ghanaian online media industry remains very important to the team.

In a bid to achieve this goal, the YEN team consistently makes a lot of changes and upgrades marketing tools to get the best results. The product of this hard work is very evident when to consider how much the page’s performance ranking has grown over the past one year.

In this article, is used to audit site pages and to show how much progress has made by comparing the ranking as in January 2018 to July 2018 figures. results for January 2018. Source: [1] results for July 2018. Source: [2]

As seen in the screenshots, recorded an increase in every relevant parameter in the year 2018, with an average score of 97, which is an impressive ‘A.’ Here is how Yen managed to achieve this result:

1. The development team focused on increasing the site's speed.

2. Site's team implemented fast, accessible channels for contents, like Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Instant Articles.

3. Yen stopped the use of "heavy" video formats for video users.

Here is a quick breakdown of the results:

SEO parameter: This is a measure of how valuable and unique each page on a website is; recorded an increase from 87/100 in January to 92/100 in July 2018.

Performance parameter: The performance parameter measures how fast a site is, and the results show that site speed is currently at 100/100.

Security: On the aspect of security, it is always important to measure how safe a site is and if users’ information is being protected. scored 100/100 in January and still maintains that rating – a confirmation that visiting the page is totally safe!

Reputation: The reputation meter is a measurement of how much links from outside sources a page has; on this matter, has moved from 94/100 in January to 95/100 in July 2018.

From this report, it is obvious that all efforts are being put into making sure improves technical solutions in every direction of work and continues to work to keep getting better.

Today, Media Ltd. remains the operator of Ghana's second most visited online news website, according to Alexa. 

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