getAbstract Rebrand Helps Learners Know Better, Do Better

Know better. Do better.

getAbstract revealed a new brand focus and visual identity that highlights the company's organizational evolution and redefined strategy encapsulated in the new slogan, "Know Better. Do Better." getAbstract's refreshed logo, color palette and typography take a minimalist and laid-back approach to keep focus on the company's core mission: to deliver relevant, unbiased, compressed and actionable knowledge.

More than ever, getAbstract is dedicated to helping people and organizations acquire knowledge and apply it in a way that supports their goals. The rebranding project overhauled getAbstract's messaging to make sure that it speaks to the needs and challenges of its customers and end-users by focusing on clarity and ease of use.

"We made many incremental changes over the years, but it was time to take a leap. We needed a trigger for innovation," says Thomas Bergen, CEO of getAbstract. He continues: "We needed to give getAbstract a clearer voice, as well as a new look and feel. The rebranding is just the beginning of our new journey. We're also bringing new tools to our customers to better serve our mission. It's the most exciting time in our history."

Elements of getAbstract's new visual identity include: 

New Logo: The signature curly bracket is here to stay, but geometrical shapes and a grid system were used to reconstruct it. This approach makes the logo unique and connected to the logotype.

New Brand Colors: New colors have been added to getAbstract's cerulean palette. A digital-first approach focuses on increased contrast and screen presence over the limited and habitual print tints. 

New Typography: Akkurat, a Swiss neo-Grotesk typeface, is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read: a must when content comes first. 

New Visuals: getAbstract renewed its commitment to authentically represent employees and audiences through diverse images and illustrations. Stylized color effects add consistency and echo the primary color palette. 

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The right insight at the right time can make all the difference. By providing easy access to summarized expert knowledge, getAbstract helps professionals worldwide find solutions to real-life challenges and use knowledge efficiently. Our library of 25,000 summaries in seven languages covers a broad range of business-relevant topics and helps learners put knowledge into action in 15 minutes or less. we work with clients around the world, including more than one-third of the Fortune 500, to help professionals put knowledge into action. Know Better. Do Better.

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