Introducing getAbstract Actionables, the Corporate Learning Tool Learners Love

Actionables provide a 15-minute overview of a given topic and finish with a concrete call to action, prompting busy professionals to apply the knowledge immediately.

getAbstract Actionables

getAbstract, the leading provider of summarized expert knowledge, is expanding its product line with an innovative and effective approach to corporate learning. Actionables give learners must-have insights from two to three getAbstract summaries and prompt learners to apply their newfound expertise in a real-world setting. Each Actionable features a 15-minute course followed by three tools that prompt learners to turn knowledge into action. 

After 20 years of experience working with corporate clients worldwide, getAbstract knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the modern workplace. Actionables build on getAbstract's library of 25,000+ summaries and guide learners through an engaging mix of video-, audio-, text- and reflection components. Unlike traditional courses, each learning path ends with a concrete call to action to apply the knowledge right away. 

Actionables help employers address challenges in talent management, often necessitating employees to cover several areas of responsibility and acquire new skills on the job. Busy professionals need easy access to relevant knowledge oriented toward immediate application.  

Experiential Learning Theory in Practice: Know, Do, Reflect 

Learning-science-based Actionables follow the Know-Do-Reflect loop structure. In the first step (Know), learners are provided with the most relevant knowledge on a specific topic in a 15-minute course. In the second step (Do), experts challenge learners to put knowledge into practice in their day-to-day work. Afterward, getAbstract evaluates, analyzes, and encourages the learners to interact with the topic again through self-reflection tools and retrieval practices (Reflect). Actionables keep learners engaged with a well-balanced mix of audio-, text- and video- snippets featuring business experts and authors from around the world. Knowledge checks, reflection questions and summaries of key takeaways make the learning experience effective and fun.  

Actionables are designed according to scientific findings in learning theory and user preferences and are based on nearly two years of research, testing and optimization by subject matter experts and learning experience designers from getAbstract. 

Applied Knowledge is Key 

With getAbstract's Actionables, the focus is on the application and usability of what has been learned. "Some learning platforms have benefited enormously from Corona-driven investments by companies in virtual training. A common frustration among customers is that they still need to invest a lot of time and energy to anchor knowledge in the company's work and strategic learning processes. Our holistic approach of combining summarized expert knowledge with hands-on learning tools, such as Actionables, takes users from merely absorbing knowledge to immediately implementing what they have learned. The compact format puts little demand on people's time, but brings an immense, immediate sense of achievement," says Thomas Bergen, co-founder and CEO of getAbstract. 

Actionables also contribute to shared learning experiences, which further motivates users: they can anonymously compare their results achieved in the course with a peer group. 

2023 Expansion Plans 

"As with all getAbstract content, we prioritize quality over quantity," explains Patrick Brigger, COO and co-founder of getAbstract. "We want to provide the best possible learning experience for every customer, so we put a lot of emphasis on customization. We deliver high-quality content, tailor content to each user, and provide our customers with personal advisors to help them run successful learning campaigns." 

getAbstract plans to expand the number of Actionables and continuously reviews, revises, and expands existing modules to keep them current and relevant. While available only in English at launch, German and Spanish versions are scheduled to be added in the first quarter of 2023. 

About getAbstract 

The right insight at the right time can make all the difference. By providing easy access to summarized expert knowledge and learning tools, getAbstract helps professionals worldwide to apply knowledge efficiently. Our time-saving, 15-minute summaries and tools foster self-directed learning, enrich formal development initiatives and support organizational objectives. Know better. Do better.  

Source: getAbstract