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Whether it is a permanent or regular job, Pace Staffing has made it easy for job seekers to find the 'Just Right Job' for them.

​With people increasingly connected to the Internet, finding a job is no longer a tough task. An internet connection and little bit knowledge in net surfing can easily help both employers and employees find the right candidate and right job for them. With the emergence on numerous online job portal, the task has become increasingly easier for both parties. While newspaper and some other job-magazines can be still a great source for jobs, the one new-age online portals are not far behind in fulfilling the needs. Such sites truly prove to be great alternatives for both the employers and job seekers.

For those looking for the right candidate to a position or those looking for an opportunity, Pace Staffing can be the right platform for them to come forward. This agency has been focused on playing a great link between employers and employees meeting their needs and specifications. Having been in the staffing industry for such a long period, this online service center is fully equipped to assist both parties in the truest sense.

They will allow their employer clients to access information on who is working for them this week. Besides, they can also approve hours of work and get an update on a current request, and update comments on candidates considered. The recruiter in Seattle WA can also update their password or user ID.

On the other hand, they also allow the current, temporary or contract employees, to enter their hours of work on any assignment, trigger automatic request for a supervisor to approve their timecard and view their pay records. They employees are also allowed to change their availability for work and another type of work they are seeking. Like the employers, the employee too can update their password or user ID.

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The Pace Staffing Network has been that human connection between Northwest jobs and people for over 40 years!

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