Get That Brand Noticed: Get It on a Paper Cup

Brand Management is a big deal, and with the upsurge in digital and mixed media advertising, it is changing rapidly. In this changing scenario, brand managers are changing strategy too, shifting focus from prolonged single media advertising such as TV or Premium Space Billboards, to micro branding like combining TV spots with Social media. Where do micro branding formats like paper cups stand?

Printed Paper Cups, get your brand under your customers nose

​​​​​​​How many people grabbed a takeaway coffee on their way to work this morning? Thousands. And how many people did they pass by while drinking it? Thousands more. It's probably something that few people think too much about. Because, like eight million other coffee-or-tea drinking folks, they do it every day.

"​That's right, eight million." 

All buying, holding and sipping out of paper cups. And that's just in the UK. Coffee is one of the biggest beverage industries in the UK, Europe and the United States. In fact, the US is the world's leading consumer of coffee. It's reported that Americans consume around 400 million cups of coffee per day. That's 146 billion cups per year!
The Rise of the Paper Cup

Today's busy lifestyle rarely allows for coffee to be drunk from a mug. Coffee is an on-the-run beverage: grabbed on the way to work, school, yoga, in the office or at the supermarket. It's estimated that the average American office worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year. That's a lot of paper cups!​​

What Does This Have to Do With Business?

Think of all the billboards people see every day. They're usually in a place that's most likely to catch our wandering eye — for example, high on a building, in a city centre or along a major motorway. Now think about all the paper cups people are holding. It's not only the coffee drinker who sees that cup. Everyone who passes them in the street, the supermarket, office, gym, school, salon — wherever — will see that cup, too. And, chances are, they're holding it at the busiest time of day when they'll pass the most people.​​

Branded Paper Cups know this.​

Over the past eight years, the demand for paper cup​ manufacturing has boomed. As the leading manufacturer of branded coffee cups in the UK, Branded Paper Cups has changed the way people see — and think — the humble paper cup.​​​

The Company Maketh The Cup​

Scyphus understand that a little exposure in the right place can go a long way.

​They also understand that people's interests lie in two things: food and drink. So, what better place to market a brand than on what people are eating and drinking from? Branded Paper Cups is a bespoke cup manufacturer.

​They produce paper cups from scratch, supplying 100 percent European quality cups, containers, sleeves and napkins to the UK and Europe. And with their innovative design team, Branded Paper Cups gets brand noticed. And best of all? All of their products are 100 percent recyclable!​​

Not Just Cups!​

Of course, there's food and drink other than coffee! That's why Branded Paper Cups have a massive range of food and drink to fit any business’s needs:
Branded Paper Cups (single and double-walled)
Branded Paper Cup Sleeves - Branded Ice Cream Containers
Branded Takeaway Containers (single- and double walled)
Branded Popcorn Containers
Branded Coasters
Branded Napkins
Lids (sip-through and domed)​

Any Business, Any Event, Anywhere

Whether it's a small volume of cups for a small cafe franchise or a full range of products for a coffee chain giant, Branded Paper Cups has supplied it.

For anyone who's ever been to an exhibition or trade show, chances are they've already sipped from a Brand Paper Cup. The versatility of their range means that any company can get their brand name on a cup, napkin, tub or container: right where potential customers will see it.

Scyphus currently supplies branded merchandise to companies all across the U.K. and Europe. Any event is possible — whether large, small or something in between, Branded Paper Cups have a product to suit.

​They also take short run orders as low as 500 cups! Branded Paper Cups have already been a hit with US company Naked Juice. As an eco-friendly brand, Naked Juice needed a fully-compostable product for one of their trade events. Branded Paper Cups PLA-lined cups proved perfect for the job. Naked Juice were thrilled with these 100 percent biodegradable cups and haven't looked back!.

The Best Price in the Business​

Previously, the disposable paper cup industry was monopolised by wholesale suppliers sourcing from China. It wasn't the cost of the cup itself that pushed up the cost, but the cost of shipping.​

Since their launch, Scyphus has revolutionised the takeaway cup industry. By manufacturing in the UK, Branded Paper Cups slashed the cost of branded cups and opened up a whole new way to market food and drink. As demand increased, Branded Paper Cups expanded their range to include napkins, paper cup sleeves, ice cream tubs and popcorn boxes.​

Fast and Flexible 

Forget delays and long turnaround times. Branded Paper Cups know that nobody wants to wait around for their coffee.

A massive upgrade saw Branded Paper Cups go from a medium-speed operation with manual packing to a high speed, automated production facility. Their turnaround time is now one of the fastest in the industry, starting from 24-hour shipping.

​That's hard to beat. Branded Paper Cups caters for all volumes of orders, from small to large. Having supplied British-quality products to Europe for the last seven years, they're now ready to respond to long-awaited customer demand from the USA.​​

The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Market Your Brand​

Ready to get your brand right under your customer's nose? Simply head to one of our printed paper cups websites for a quote that shall rival all the rest!

Branded Paper Cups UK

Printed Paper Cups UK

Customers will be asked for your company’s logo or whatever design you’d like to appear on the cup.

Branded Paper Cups expert team will design and print your chosen product according to your exact specifications, while guiding you through every step of the production process.​

​​To keep costs at a minimum, Printed Paper Cups offer three lead-time options:

1. FAST: 7 working days lead time

2. STANDARD: 10-15 working days lead time

3. COST-EFFECTIVE: 8 weeks lead time.

Branded Paper Cups also have a one-off print set-up charge, which means there are no extra costs for subsequent orders. And that's it. Branded Paper Cups take care of all the rest. They even deliver to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Get your brand where it'll be noticed: right in your customer's face!​

Source: Scyphus, UK

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