Get More Organized on a Budget With 4WD Supacentre Camping Accessories

Get more organized on a budget!

Titan Rear Drawers are one of the best value and most durable vehicle-mounted rear drawer systems available on the market. Packed full of features that others charge extra for, the Titan rear drawers are also nearly one-third of the price of many similar competitors!

Built from an extremely durable galvanized steel chassis and fitted with tough double-roller bearing, the Titan Rear Drawers are able to smoothly hold an unbelievable amount of weight. To test this limit, our team loaded up two whole wheelbarrows of pavers - the Titan Rear Drawers still opened and closed smoothly and the tough metal latches could hold the whole weight no sweat!

All vehicles are different sizes, so to accommodate the various needs that many people require their rear drawers to cope with, the Titan Rear Drawers have four main models: the 900mm single sided drawer, the 900mm double drawer, the 1070mm drawers and the 1300mm Ute drawers. All models of drawers, except the 900mm single drawer, offer the option to install a wing kit tailor-suited to specific models of vehicle, as well as the ability to custom fabricate a wing kit using the Universal Ute Wing Kit, which fills in the vacant space between the drawers and the internal trim panels of the vehicle.

These wing fill panels offer the perfect place to stash spare parts out of sight, whilst still being able to load equipment on the top of the drawers, making Titan Rear Drawers the perfect accessory for 4WD touring, camping, the jobsite and everyday use.

The internal capacity of the Titan Rear Drawers allows people to pack and secure all of their necessary emergency equipment, like a full recovery kit, cooking gear and even awning accessories, neat and tidy and out of the way, secured and locked away by the key-locking metal-latch mechanism handle.

Covered in a dark marine carpet, the Titan Drawers offer a quiet, noise-dampening surface to quiet vibrations and minimize echoing in the cab. The marine carpet also offers excellent water-resistant qualities and prevents equipment from sliding around easily on top.

All Titan Rear Drawers are also fitted with heavy-duty spring-loaded tie-down points that prevent rattles and clunks when not being used, whilst allowing heavy loads to be easily secured to the top plate of the Titan Drawers for secure luggage, even on the toughest tracks.

As an even better value-added bonus, the double-sided Titan Rear Drawers also all include an integrated self-latching fridge slide. Offering stacks more value and the ability to extract a fridge from the rear of the vehicle to access the food and drinks stashed at the bottom!

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