Get Instant Color and Precise Shape With the Newest Brow Stamp Kit

The Brow Fixx is introducing the all-new Brow Powder Stamp and Stencil Kit to achieve meticulous brow shape and color in minutes.

The Brow Fixx is introducing the all-new Brow Powder Stamp and Stencil Kit to help you instantly achieve the brow shape and color of your dreams. Give yourself meticulous brows that stand out without having to make a visit to the salon. Our brow stamp kit includes six stencils for you to select the perfect shape for you from round to straight and everything in between. Choose from five color options for the shade that matches your brow color best. Our brow powder is waterproof to ensure you have top-notch brows all day long.

"We love our eyebrow stamp kit because it allows you to give yourself even, flawless brows in the comfort of your own home without a huge mess. With six stencils and five color shades to choose from, it can work well for anyone. The brow stamp is water-resistant and made to last throughout the day."

Precise, Fuller Brows

The brow stamp gives your eyebrows color and shape in moments. Our brow powder comes in the following colors: black, brunette, light brown, dark brown, and taupe gray. Our color sheet will help you pick the perfect shade for your hair color and skin tone. 

Using one of the six included stencils means you can get even brows and the shape of your choice. Get ready for dramatic, precise brows.

Easy to Apply

Achieve Instagram-worthy brows in three simple steps. First, choose your stencil according to the shape you want. You can always change this up since your kit comes with six options. Then, hold the stencil onto your natural brow. Use your other hand to lightly press the stamp onto your brow, starting at the tail and moving towards the base.

Convenient and Pain-Free

Our eyebrow stamp kit allows you to get professional-looking brows without a commitment. In fact, it only takes a few minutes and can be easily removed at the end of the day. Not only that, applying your brow stamp is pain-free.


Because The Brow Fixx's brow powder is water-resistant, you don't have to reapply it throughout the day. Once you apply your color, you can count on it lasting for up to 24 hours.

Grab your Brow Powder Stamp and Stencil Kit today at The Brow Fixx salon or order online at or Amazon.

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