"Germ B Gone": An Impenetrable Barrier Between User and Contaminated Areas

​Where would we be without public transportation, whether it be by air, train, boat, ferry or bus?  Reminiscent of the disinfectant containers available to users of carts at big box stores, this new product is a reminder of how germs and bacteria can be transmitted by contact.  Germ B Gone is a disposable protective plastic covering configured expressly for use on public seating, such as that found on transportation facilities as well as areas such as theaters the like.  The design intent is to provide consumers with a reliable barrier between themselves and a potentially contaminated or dirty public seat.  Two individually wrapped alcohol swabs are also included in order to wipe down tray tables and arm rests.

Germ B Gone is a disposable unit made of a lightweight durable plastic. It is generally rectangular and cut to encompass the surface of standard transportation and stationary seating completely. It is secured over the headrest with the remaining material extending over and draping down the backrest and seat. The bottom end is configured to hang over the front edge of the existing seat thus protecting the user’s legs from direct contact with the front of the seat. The easy to apply protective covers are folded into a compact rectangular package to facilitate easy transport prior to use.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Germ B Gone.
The Patent Pending Germ B Gone was invented by Ron Gellis, a retired pharmacist from Marlboro, NJ who said, “Germ B Gone is a practical solution to the problems associated with riding on public transportation. It works equally well in areas of public seating. It eliminates the need to sit directly atop a public seat and keeps clothing and one’s accessories from becoming sullied and stained. Germ B Gone protects users from microorganisms that cause communicable illnesses and gives peace of mind to the user. Germ B Gone works!”

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