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From classic and timeless to luxury and exotic wedding suits and tuxedos, Gentleman's Guru is pleased to present their latest range of luxury formal wear and accessories exclusively for modern gentlemen.

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Gentleman's Guru is pleased to present their latest range of luxury formal wear and accessories exclusively for men. The collection currently featured is for the upcoming wedding season as well as for those gentlemen wishing to dress stylishly for parties and events.

From classic solid suits to luxury and exotic wedding tuxedos, Gentleman`s Guru offers everything that a man would need to look dashing at his next event. Whether for the groom, the groomsmen, the father of the bride, or the guests, this store is the premium location to purchase your formal attire.

Shopping online for formalwear at Gentleman's Guru provides the utmost convenience and gives its customers a sense of adventure in finding the ultimate wedding tuxedo. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with professionals that are dedicated to making you look your best on your special day.

Headquartered in the glamorous Las Vegas, Gentleman's Guru provides a wide variety of formalwear and wedding attire while providing the highest level of personalized online expertise that can assist you with your style needs and requirements. Although Gentleman's Guru excels in premier online-only formal wear, there's a sense of community with respect to the specifications of each customer that represents everything that a one-on-one customizable encounter would offer. Grooms looking for fashion-forward style and personalized service need to look no farther than Gentleman`s Guru.


Gentleman's Guru

6865 Speedway Blvd. Suite Q-105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

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About Gentleman's Guru

These three words embody the essence of Gentleman’s Guru. Born out of passion and Headquartered in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Gentleman’s Guru is dedicated to assisting modern gentlemen in reaching higher standards and becoming the best version of themself through formal wear.

We have the experience, expertise, and insight to know exactly how to provide our clients with a high-quality, exclusive, and ever-expanding product line. In addition to using high-quality materials and exotic designs, Gentleman’s Guru products are built with top-quality elements and sharp construction.

Simply put, Gentleman’s Guru is the gold standard in men’s formal wear.

Gentleman's Guru
6865 Speedway Blvd. , #Suite Q-105
Las Vegas, NV

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