GeneticsCubed Submits First Cannabichromene (CBC) Patent

Exceptional C2B cultivar tests as high as 4 percent CBC

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GeneticsCubed, a Green Rock Hemp Holdings company, has achieved a huge milestone in its mission to be a scientific innovator and produce the highest performance seeds and clones in the hemp industry. The company recently submitted the first patent for a unique Cannabichromene (CBC) hemp cultivar, C2B. "C2B is a high CBC hemp strain developed by selective breeding and high throughput screening of more than one million hemp plants," stated scientist Thomas Azwell, Ph.D.

Cannabichromene (CBC) is a rare, high-value cannabinoid, one of the most prominent in medical research. It is considered to have great potential for its antimicrobial, anti‐inflammatory, and analgesic characteristics. "Although CBC has great therapeutic potential, it is a minor cannabinoid, meaning it occurs in very small amounts. This exceptional C2B cultivar tests as high as 4 percent CBC, which is 10 times the amount of commercially available 'high' CBC strains," Azwell stated. Early research indicates CBC's potential for treating acne, pain, and cancer by inhibiting inflammation. "The market value of CBC is significantly higher than CBD, and it currently sells for more than 20 times the price," commented Azwell.

"This was a huge accomplishment for our genetics team," stated Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Officer, Green Rock Hemp Holdings. "The submission of this patent demonstrates our commitment to innovation and bringing scientific rigor to hemp cultivation. The Green Rock Hemp Holdings family of companies is dedicated to providing vertical solutions to the industrial hemp community."

In collaboration with the University of California-Berkeley, GeneticsCubed improves hemp with elevated levels of key cannabinoids. GeneticsCubed has also completed development of two other novel strains and will be submitting additional patent applications this year.

GeneticsCubed, LLC, part of the Green Rock Hemp Holdings family of companies, is a scientific innovator and leading supplier of premium hemp seeds and solutions for farmers and growers. Through scientific research, cutting-edge genetics, and multifaceted cannabis breeding expertise, our goal is to produce the highest performance seeds and clones in the market and enhance yields and profit margins for commercial farmers and growers.

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Source: GeneticsCubed, LLC