Gen Z'ers Are Nesting - 4Walls TikTok Channel Reaches One Million Followers

Kyra Media and Walmart Create Gen Z-Focused Interior Design Content

Kyra Media teamed up with Walmart last fall to launch 4Walls, a TikTok channel dedicated to Gen Z interior design. In just six months, the channel has reached 1 million followers and has grown into one of the biggest Gen Z interior design online communities in the world. 

The success of the channel combined with Kyra Media's research indicates that the home space has become increasingly important to Gen Z as they reach a different life stage and view their home spaces as places of self-expression and safe havens (KyraIQ 2022). Working with Walmart, the largest U.S. retailer, Kyra Media set out to create a first-of-its-kind editorial space that speaks directly to Gen Z and the way they use social media to shop.

"The community we've built is one of the biggest in the world for Gen Z as it relates to homes and interiors - but this is just the beginning. The pandemic has changed this generation's meaning of 'home', and we believe 4Walls is quickly becoming a household name for young people globally," said Kelsey Arnold, head of U.S. sales for Kyra Media.

4Walls currently features engaging, TikTok-native interior design content that speaks to the Gen Z audience. Kyra Media and Walmart aim to expand the focus of the channel in 2022 to be a lifestyle destination that includes recipes, DIY and all things kitchen, with the goal of building a deeper relationship with the target audience.

2022 will also see the addition of Gen Z influencers in the design space to the 4Walls editorial lineup. Bringing diverse and varied voices to the channel is part of the overall vision to reflect cultures, influences and trends from around the world. 

"We're seeing more and more people finding inspiration during moments of discovery and the speed with which the channel's following grew is a testament that 4Walls is delivering on what customers want and also the quality of content we've created with Kyra," said Jill Toscano, vice president and head of media at Walmart. "We're excited that the response has been so positive and look forward to continuing to curate content that inspires and entertains our Gen Z community on TikTok."

4Walls is part of Kyra Media's portfolio of channels on TikTok dedicated to Gen Z, including the No. 1 fashion channel Rag Report and wellness channel Glia, and a beauty channel launching in 2022.

4Walls is produced by Kyra Media, with Agne Bakchis as senior producer, Donisha Wilburn as creative coordinator and Louisa Dechelle as editor and content producer. 4Walls logo can be found here.

Source: Kyra Media