Gearing Up for a Bio-generation

Center for Post Graduate Studies, Jain University offers MSc Industrial Biotechnology Programme.

The predicament faced by the world today finds solace in one world sustainability. Multiple crisis emerging in the environment pertaining to climate change, global warming and depletion of resources has triggered a deeper fear of the lapse of the world. The revolution that will subdue the calamity that has struck this world is the conception of a bio economy. This will require the moulding of like-minded youngsters with the insight to innovate sustainable technologies. Industrial Biotechnology has emerged as a pioneer course at the master's level urging young minds to think in the direction of green living.

Popularly known as the third wave of the biotechnology domain. Researchers believe that Industrial Biotechnology will accelerate the process of pollution prevention, restoration of resources and expenditure reduction. Jain University, one of the leading universities in the city offers master's course in industrial biotechnology. This course delves into all the possible application of enzymes for generation of industrial products and processes. Industrial products refers to exploring and optimizing biomass based resources such as fuels and chemicals. The processes focus on developing new methods of and putting to best use present practices of waste water treatment and adoption of energy efficiency measures. Jain University is reputed in city, as one of the preferred institutes to pursue masters in industrial biotechnology. The course combines the best academic experience and industry exposure and insights from industry experts.

There is a lot of scope for encouraging new approach in Industrial biotechnology, it will be especially applicable in industrial manufacturing, opening up new avenues and creating new markets. Along with dodging the lengthy review process that drug products undergo, biotechnology products offer a quicker fix and easier pathway to the market. At the same time it is not just limited to adopting different approach to manufacturing, it also opens up a wide alley of possibilities to manufacture completely new products. Though the field is still blooming, it is predicted that if the full potentials of the field are derived it will have a profound effect in establishing an ecological equilibrium in the world.

The course will be elemental in shaping up an entirely new generation with innovative sustainable outlook. These young biotechnology scientists will plant the seeds of an emerging bio economy. Aspirants interested in exploring this field require a strong background in science with chemistry biochemistry and any two subjects from life sciences as core subjects. This two and a half year course will open up a plethora of exciting career opportunities in the field of research Life Sciences & Research, Food & Beverage, Agro Biotech, Healthcare (Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical / Nutraceuticals) & Consultancy domain of Biotechnology. While the field offers courses that are financially rewarding, there also plenty of opportunities for those with the hunger to discover and research new innovative application of industrial biotechnology.

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