Gatonbrass New Site Come to Live, Free Tooling for Brass Die Casting Parts

Gatonbrass has launched their new website ( this morning. Speaking at the company's headquarters today, The Product Manager indicated that Gatonbrass' will offer a quick and easy to access information.

​​Gatonbrass has launched their new website ( this morning. Speaking at the company's headquarters today, The Product Manager indicated that Gatonbrass' will offer a quick and easy to access information. This is closely aligned to the Gatonbrass's strategic vision of 2016 for expansion and growth over the next decade and beyond. 

"We feel that our customers in the English speaking countries such as America and Europe should have an equal opportunity just like those in China," said Erik, the Gatonbrass Product Manager. "Our company believes this is one way to prove that we listen to our customers and build a one-on-one relationship with them throughout the product development cycle."

Free Tooling for die casting parts

Gatonbrass provides the same tooling characteristics like those used in Europe and America. The company has adopted efficient tooling process that guarantee total cost advantage even for the most complex designs. 

The website will enable clients to send their CAD drawings directly to the Gatonbrass technicians. It is from these that they will design the required mould. The free tooling will only be available for orders that are over 1000 pcs. This affirms the company's determination to reduce the production costs.  This will be for most die cast parts that the company manufactures such as: lamp, electrical, auto, furniture hardware, plumbing fitting, decoration and precision parts. (check their brass casting parts gallery here :

This will be alongside the various die casting techniques that the company uses. These include: high pressure die casting, vacuum die casting and gravity die casting. Adopting all these is an effort to reduce additional secondary operations and to ensure a high level of precision.

Gatonbrass also published a complete handbook for die casting, you can check it here: Free to download .

The tooling process will include both the standard and multi-slide. This implies that the customers will benefit from:

  1. A net shape, thus, no secondary operations. 
  2. Short lead time, tight tolerances and production of complex geometry. 
  3. Compact tools, with no parting-line. 

The Gatonbrass engineers and technicians will be ready to support their customers throughout the entire process. This will be:

  1. The concept development 
  2. The rapid prototyping 
  3. The tooling process
  4. Pre-production testing 
  5. The full scale production process

The company will be using their in-house tooling process. They also inspect them to ensure that they meet the desired quality criteria. Gatonbrass has continued to invest in die casting technology. At the moment, they have also incorporated the 3D printing and CAD in their die casting tool design process. 

 "We are proud to have a channel that will enable customers' requests for free tooling for brass die casting parts alongside more access point while acting as an online resource," said the Erik. "It will not replace the direct customer support and assistance we have offered during the tool designing and subsequent production process."

About Gatonbrass

Gatonbrass is a premier brass parts manufacturer that offers a one-stop-solution for brass die casting. The company produces a wide range of die cast parts and guarantees a total cost advantage for all brass parts. Besides this , Gatobrass is an expert of brass sand casting , brass forging and brass investment casting.

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